3 Food Habits That Will Transform Your Health And Productivity



A number of food habits and unsafe food are responsible for the numerous diseases conditions that we face today. While some food habits will dramatically transform your health and productivity, some bad food habits will do great damage.

The World Health Organization makes it clear that unsafe food is responsible for over 200 disease conditions.

3 Food Habits that is Guaranteed to Make you Healthier Within 10 days

It is our individual responsibility to ensure that we form a good food habits that will reduce or eliminate the disease conditions. Here is a list of 3 food habits that is guaranteed to make you healthier within 10 days. Not only that, it is certain to improve your productivity.

  1. Do not start your day with food.

    3 Food Habits: Do Not Start The Day With Food
    3 Food Habits: Do Not Start The Day With Food

A lot of arguments have been advanced that the breakfast is the most important meal for any individual, but this is only half the truth. Such arguments do not answer the following important questions: what time is best for a health promoting breakfast? And what should constitute a healthy breakfast?

We will proceed now to answer those questions!

What is the healthiest time for a health sustaining breakfast?

Quite a number of people know  that late super is not healthy. One of the implications of that is that there are unhealthy times to eat. The breakfast is not excluded from this truth.

Our body system has a built in clock system that regulate a number of activities such as metabolism, rest, repairs, refurbishing and cleansing. For optimal health, breakfast should be introduced into the body after the cleaning exercise. Introducing food before the cleaning exercise is over, leads to accumulation of toxins. This in turn leads to different ailments and diseases.

At what time is the cleansing over?

All the organs of our bodies have their peak times of labor and also their peak times of rest, repair, replenishment and cleansing.

From about 05.00 to about 07.00 is the peak period of the cleansing of the large intestine. This is closely followed by the cleansing of the stomach from about 07.00 to about 09.00. From about 09.00 to about 11.00, the pancreas and spleen get cleansed.

Now the introduction of food during the cleansing of the large intestine, stomach, pancreas and spleen will cause some accumulation of toxins. This is particularly true if the cleansing is regularly stalled on daily basis. It is this accumulation of toxins that cause accumulation of pathogens and consequently cause diseases.

It is therefore plausible to agree that the best time for the first meal or breakfast is at about 11.00 am. Any food before this time is a compromise that is costly in terms of health. However, fluids foods will not do as much damage as the solid foods.

Also, the extent of the accumulation of pathogens seems to be directly proportional to how much earlier we take the breakfast and what is taken. In other words, an adult that takes breakfast by 07.00 is more likely to be less healthy than a person taking his breakfast by 09.00. Also, an adult taking his breakfast by 11.00 am will likely be healthier and more productive than the one taking his by 09.00 am.  However, it is important to note that a number of other factors will have some roles to play such as what constitutes the breakfast.

This time that our body is ready for food is quite in agreement with what the manual from the manufacturer of man says.

If you wake up feeling hungry, it is the effect of not eating right the previous night. See the article on why you wake up feeling hungry.


  1. Do not overeat particularly in the evening

    3 Food Habits: Do Not Overeat
    3 Food Habits: Do Not Overeat

Overeating is one of the bad food habits that hinder health and productivity. Therefore, overcoming overeating is one of the good food habits that anyone who wants to enjoy health, wellness and good productivity must cultivate.

Overeating is eating to the point when

  1. You feel some weight in your stomach; or
  2. You eat till you feel some discomfort, as a result of the eating.

Simply put, it is taking food in excess of what the body actually needs.


Overeating has a number of unpleasant consequences such as fast aging, low productivity, over laboring of the body organs, frequent hunger pangs, poor sleep, overweight challenges etc. This being a big issue on our daily health, it becomes important to take a look on how to avoid overeating.


Overeating makes the person involved to be dull both physically and mentally. It makes the one dull and less productive.

This is so because the organs are doing extra job to handle the excess food taken at the point. This is particularly the case between two to three hours after the eating.


What can a dull man do? Not much. Particularly in the light of being both physically and mentally dull. As a result the individual is much more prone to be less productive. Such a one is left behind and cannot accomplish much.


Overeating is highly unhealthy

Overeating is highly unhealthy. It brings about the over laboring of the organs that are associated or involved  with digestion such as the brain, heart, stomach, large and small intestines, gall bladder, pancreas, kidney, liver etc.

Over laboring these organs is majorly responsible for the frequent cases of poor mental focus, heart attacks, kidney failures, liver failures, colon cancer, pancreas failures, etc.


3. Be selective about what you eat

3 Food Habits: Be Selective
3 Food Habits: Be Selective

Being particular about what one eats is one of the very important food habits for anyone that must have his health and productivity transformed.

You must eat healthy.

You must avoid every form of junk in the name of food.

As much as possible, avoid the fast foods.

In fact, there should be a clear distinction between food and junk, between good food habits and bad food habits.

Food is the fuel meant to provide the man with nourishment, energy, healing and health.

By the above definition, any substance that fails to provide these three basic needs of the fuel of man does not truly constitute food. It rather may be called other names such as toxin, poison, filler or junk.

Wherefore do you spend money for that which is not food and your labor for that which satisfies not? Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness.

Unfortunately, there has been so much deviation and substitution. Most of what we call food today may simply pass for junk. Rather than nourish, they poison. Rather than repair and heal, they cause damage and ill health.

The deviation has rather resulted in too much attention being given to aesthetics and taste rather than nutritional value. There has also been a lot of deception and compromises going on. For example, is it not deception to allow the multi billion dollar advertisement of cigarette smoking only to tell us subtly that smokers are liable to die young?



These 3 food habits will drastically transform your health and productivity if you will commit to them for a few days. Always remember that your health is your most important wealth. It determines how far you will go in the other areas of life.

Therefore start now to put these 3 food habits to practice. There is no wisdom in eating junk and then try to make up with food supplements or medications later. Be wise now!

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