7 Reasons you should not Overeat at Evening or Night!


Overeating at any time is generally very unhealthy. Most often, the ugly consequences are less obvious than should be the case. For good health, there are a number of reasons you should not overeat in the evenings or night.

There are certain times that over eating will not do as much damage as at other times. There is therefore, a certain period of time that one must avoid over eating as one would avoid a leper. What is such a time?

Evenings ornight!

Never over eat in the night or late evening.

Most unfortunately, this is about the time most people will over eat. Why?

For a number of people, having finished a successful or stressful day’s business, it is now time to go and refresh and relax. Snacks, drinks and even food may accompany such relaxation. Soon after, they are at home. It will now be time for supper. By the time they are done, it will only take about 20 minutes to realize that they have overeaten.

For some people, having taken some snacks late afternoon, they may want to shift eating the supper till late evening. But the truth is that the extra food is highly not needed and unnecessary. The result of such disposition is overeating!


Seven Reasons you should not Overeat at Night!

  1. You do not need that extra during the period

Night is the period in which activities are highly reduced for most people. It may not be right to say that it is the time of inactivity but it is closely so. Therefore, the extra food that makes one to overeat is very much not necessary at this period. In fact, this is the major cause of overweight and obesity. In view of the problems associated with overweight, it is not worth taking the chances of overeating in the evening or night.

  1. It over Labors some Organs

All the organs involved with digestion will need a good rest as we sleep in the night. This is particularly needful, seeing they have been seriously at work during the day as they digest the entire food intake.

Over eating at night makes the organs to continue working when they should be at rest. Such continuous over labor is highly unhealthy for the organs. Over working the organs is responsible for organs failures such as kidney failure, heart failure, liver failure, etc.

  1. Leads to Lowered Productivity

It leads to lowered productivity. How? Usually, overeating around the night causes insomnia. As a result, the person wakes up the next day still having a need to sleep. In such a state, the persons’ productivity will be lowered greatly because he is dull. This alone is a good reason not to overeat at night or evening for any person that wants to make a significant progress.

  1. Makes you to wake up feeling hungry.

When one over eat in the evening or at night, the blood sugar level rises and drops after a while. This drop in the blood sugar level causes a feeling of hunger. As a result, the person wakes up feeling hungry early in the morning even when there is enough reservation to carry him a number of hours or even days.

  1. It gives the person weight

Recall that food is fuel that the body burns to give us energy, healing and health. Since the night is a period of reduced physical activities, the energy coming from the food is not being utilized. Therefore it is stored in the body and consequently converted to fat.

The fat leads to increased body weight and often is very unhealthy. Overweight leads to a number of complications such as cancer risk, mood disorders, hypertension, liver disease, reproductive disorders, diabetes etc

  1. Leads to poor quality sleep

A healthy sleep is medicinal. It heals, it refreshes. After a healthy sleep, one should be able to wake up feeling strong and refreshed.

Overeating at night leads to poor quality sleep, waking up tired and exhausted.

One wakes up highly poorly refreshed because the organs that should have been ‘resting’ were wide ‘awake’ doing the extra job of digestion.

If you wake up some morning feeling exhausted, poorly refreshed and disorganized, look back at the time you had your supper and the quantity of food you had.

Also associated with such poor refreshing sleep is the fact that one’s head feels like it has been beaten with rubber hammer.

  1. Leads to Aging Fast

All things being equal, it is right to assume that the person whose work is less stressful will look younger than the one whose work involves lots of stress.

For the individual who has formed the habit of allowing his organs to over labor every night, the one will likely age faster than would have been the case in the absence of the extra stress.

Are you looking a little older than your age? Look backward. Look back to your eating pattern and make adjustments as is necessary


Uche Egbuna

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