Best Ways to Take Trevo and Enjoy Wellness


Are there best ways to take Trevo? Of course, how you take your Trevo affects its effectiveness. If taken correctly, you will notice how effective it is in supporting your general well-being. On the other hand, if wrongly taken, it would amount to waste of precious resources.

I decided to write on this topic: best ways to take Trevo because of an incidence that happened a few days ago.

I was in a car driving. In the car were some other three people, two ladies and an elderly man. One of the ladies complained of having fever. The other lady, a Trevo member, gave her a prescription on how she should take Trevo when she gets home.

Here is the prescription: “put two caps of the 2 Oz Trevo in a very hot pap and drink it. Repeat the process in the morning.”

Did you observe anything wrong with the above prescription on how to take your Trevo? The observation is not in terms of the dosage or the duration. So I ask again, did you observe anything wrong? If you did not can you go back and read it once more?

If you still do not observe anything wrong with that, then it must be because you do not appreciate the effectiveness of vitamins and minerals and under what conditions they work best. Adding Trevo in any hot beverage is not one of the best ways to take Trevo.

Going back to the above prescription, it is wrong because Trevo should not be added into hot beverages. This is because heat destroys the effectiveness of most nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. If you must add your Trevo to a beverage, you should allow the beverage to cool to room temperature. The worst that may be allowed is to allow the beverage to be mildly lukewarm.

The reason is that heat destroys most minerals and vitamins in food and renders the nutrients of the food ineffective. This is also one reason cooked foods are by far less nourishing than their raw counterpart.

Best ways to take Trevo for optimal wellness

Trevo, made of 174 ingredients
Trevo Food Supplement

How have you been using Trevo before now? Have you been using Trevo in hot beverages? If that is the case then you must have been experiencing only a small fraction of the great power of Trevo. That is not one of the best ways to take Trevo for optimal wellness.

I recommend taking Trevo as is and alone. If you want to enjoy it as a drink, you can dilute it to your taste with drinking water.

Better result is obtained if Trevo is taking before meal as most of the nutrients are completely absorbed by the body. However, some special circumstances may warrant that Trevo be taken after meal.

In a nut shell, best ways to take Trevo is:

  • Take your Trevo as is or diluted with water at room temperature.
  • Do not take your Trevo with any hot beverage whatsoever.

Great information on Trevo and how it can change your general wellness and lifestyle is readily available.

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