True Health Is Your Number One Responsibility

Is true health possible in the present day that is already almost overtaken by every manner of imaginable disease? The answer is yes! But for that to be there is a price to pay for it. This is because your true health is your number one responsibility.

If presently you are enjoying a reasonable degree of true health, you must guard it jealously! It can be volatile.

Is Experience Always the Best Teacher?

For a number of people, experience is the best teacher. Are you one of the people that think so? Experience being the best teacher is meant for people who are not very smart. Smart people do not wait for experience to teach them.

Why should anyone wait to suffer from diabetes before he will learn from the experience? Why should anyone wait to suffer from cancer or heart attack before he will learn from the experience?

Smart people prefer to learn from what happens or happened to others. To enjoy true health, it is better to learn from what happened or is happening to others. Part of the goal here is to learn the smart way to keep your health.

The Current True Health Situation

The current true health situation is not encouraging at all. Diseases are on the increase on daily basis. New and strange sicknesses, not known a few years back, are rapidly on the increase.

Now these facts may appall you!

The World Health organization makes us know that “unsafe food” is responsible for more than 200 disease conditions.

The world wide death toll from diabetes in 2012 was 1.5 million. This does not include the number of people who die of high blood glucose, sometimes referred to as “pre-diabetic condition”. If these people are included, the number rises to about 3.7 million. This translates to more than ten thousand people per day.

Over 500 million people have diabetes!

More than 35 million people are living with HIV/AIDS

More than 600 million people are living with high blood pressure in America and nearly 2 billion the world over.

In Africa, about 2 out of every 3 adults have high blood pressure.

Cancer, diabetes, heart/ cardiovascular diseases, kidneys and renal failures, which previously were more prevalent in the developed countries, are now even worse in the developing countries.

Worst still, these non communicable diseases have no discrimination. They affect the old as well as the young. The working class is not exonerated. Neither the professor nor doctor is exonerated. These diseases do not show much discrimination between the rich and the poor, between the educated and the illiterate.

The situation is even more severe in low and medium-income countries.  Most of the non communicable diseases that are preventable in developed countries will kill as much as 80% of those affected in the low –income countries. For example, while cervical cancer can majorly be prevented in developed countries, it is the leading cause of death in women in Africa. Similar result holds for leukemia and a number of other non communicable diseases.

The Cause Of The Ugly Situation

A number of factors are responsible for the present ugly circumstances.

Is it not surprising that despite phenomenal improvement in technology and numerous improved gadgets in the home that the health of the man did not improve with it?


Most diseases can be prevented!

The present ugly situation is a good indicator that something is definitely not working fine. What could that be?

There has been a mass departure from the food intended for man. Man has continuously invented “food” for himself. This has in turn caused the cells of the body not to function optimally nor reproduce healthy cells for replenishments. This spells the beginning of diseases.

Everything you need for optimal health in one unified information platform

The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the exercise we do or fail to do, the way we sleep, hereditary factors etc play a big role in the overall health of any individual. Valuable information on most of these will be available on this site.


Of all the factors for optimal health, food has a lot of role to play in the health of man. The World Health Organization attests to this fact when it says that unsafe food is responsible for more than 200 diseases.

The two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling correctly noted that: “Nearly all disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency.”

Safe food and eating right as part of the solution to the looming health crises will be a major part of this website.

Unfortunately, eating right is difficult now. Why? A number of factors are responsible. First and most important is the fact that the foods available at our disposal now have most of their nutrients depleted or modified.

Second, the over processed food currently prevalent cannot boast of nutrients sufficient to sustain the health of the man.

Third, the method of preparing the food most often destroys whatever nutrient that remains in the food.

These factors and a number of others make it difficult for the body to get sufficient nutrients necessary to keep it operating in optimal health.

Since prevention is better, safer and cheaper than cure, preventive information and measures on a number of common ailments will be common place. The goal is to provide all the information necessary to equip you for wellness, true health and vibrant life.


The importance of exercise for your overall optimal health cannot be overemphasized. You cannot experience optimal health without it. It goes a long way to keep you fit.


Maintaining a healthy weight is of extreme importance if you want to enjoy optimal health.  Overweight is highly unhealthy and is linked to a number of diseases. Only an insignificant number of people know that the second preventable leading cause of cancer is overweight.

Information on healthy weight management will be part of the goal of this site.


Most of the foods available to us today are nutrients-depleted. The over processed foods currently prevalent everywhere lack sufficient nutrients to sustain the health of the man.

Also, the methods of preparing the foods most often destroy whatever nutrients that remain in the food.

This is where TREVO comes in for everyone that loves his or her health and wants to secure it against future devastation.

I am passionate about this unique revolutionary formula that appears to be the key to health in the present ugly health circumstances that we presently find ourselves.

Trevo has great potential to keep you healthy!

It also has the great potential to make you wealthy through its networking activities.

The Urgent Need

The near catastrophic level of sicknesses that is presently the case can be avoided. Unfortunately, majority of what is responsible for such a terrible state result from what we eat. There is the urgent need to provide all the information necessary to equip you for wellness, true health and vibrant life.

Unless urgent action is taken, the already horrible situation will worsen. Unfortunately, there is nothing suggesting that an urgent action will be taken any time soon.

THEREFORE, you must wake up to your responsibility.

True health is every individual’s personal responsibility. Your doctor, cook, wife or husband, father or mother does not owe you the responsibility to live healthy.


We can do something! We cannot afford to fold our hands and just keep watching. That will be simply suicidal. In addition to what the national and international communities are doing, we can’t afford to fold our hands.

So what can we do?

So much!

We must get informed. Knowledge is power when appropriately applied. If not applied, it is as useless as not having it at all.

We must be willing to unlearn and re-learn. We have been terribly deceived by the media.

A good example is in the case of cigarette smoking. It has not been really long that the bill boards will tell us that “smokers are liable to die young”.  If cigarette smoking causes about 1 in every 5 deaths in the United States each year, then the big question is: why the extensive advertisement of what is sure to harm and even kill people? I think the deceit is clear. The billion dollar industries must be sustained!

But you have a choice to make. That choice begins with getting informed.

After getting informed, you must take action. There must be a change in lifestyle. Eating right, sleeping right, exercising right, and right relationships are important milestones in this journey.

Will you be willing to start the journey now? If yes, then delve into the site for valuable information.

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Get Trevo at Cheaper Rate Regularly

Trevo holds the key to health, wellness and wealth. However, it is not available in the open market. To get Trevo at cheaper rate, you will either buy it from a registered member or Trevo partner; or by becoming a Trevo partner yourself. I recommend the later.

Becoming a Trevo partner is not difficult at all and has a number of advantages. Such advantages include getting the powerful and delicious Trevo at the company official price which has plenty discount. Another advantage is that you get your Trevo at cheaper rate whenever you want it. Isn’t that amazing?

You can join Trevo as an Elite customer (Preferred Customer) or as a Life and Health Coach. An Elite customer is one who prefers to buy Trevo from the Trevo company without being involved in the business aspect of it. On the hand, a Life and Health Coach is one who is partnering with Trevo in the business aspect of the next billion dollar brand. The earning potential of any serious minded Life and Health Coach is much, so why leave that money on the table?

How to Get Trevo at Cheaper Rate

Here is brief guide on how to get Trevo at cheaper rate regularly.

First Step

Login to the Trevo replicated website of the person referring you. For example, my own replicated Trevo website is: This will pull up the page shown below.


Second Step

Click on “Enroll Now”

This will display a pop up informing you that you will be directed to the Trevo Enrollment site as shown below. Click Ok.


This takes you to the Trevo Enrollment Site as shown below.

Third Step

If your country is not the one highlighted in the long box, then scroll down to select your country from the list of available countries. Also check the agreement box and then click CONTINUE.

There will be a display of the no of bottles u can register with and a display of their corresponding prices. Other charges will usually apply.

Fourth Step

Select the number of bottles you want to register with by clicking sign up.

The 3 bottles registration is usually more popular in many countries. But the choice of the number of bottles to register with rests with you.

The page below will display.

Unless you want to include Trévo2Go pack in your purchase, skip the “Add-on Products” and proceed to “Set up Future Automatic Autoship”.  Autoship is the monthly purchase of delicious Trevo which is required of the Life and Health Coach. Leave the “No Autoship at this time” if the monthly AutoShip is not desired at this time. If desired select the desired start month and shipping week and then click on CONTINUE.

A page will display requiring you to fill in your personal information. Fill it up and then click next.

Fill up the personal information, address and other information requested such as payment information and the desired shipping method. Then click CONTINUE.

The page below will be displayed.

Review the information to find out if there was any error.. As pointed out earlier, it can be seen that charges such as tax, processing and handling charges, and account set up fee are included.

Click COMPLETE ENROLEMENT. This will reveal the payment option selected earlier.

This paypal information pops up.

Fill it out and you are done.


An alternative route to get Trevo at cheaper rate is to login through the official Trevo corporate website at

The home page will display as shown below.

Click on enroll now. The following page will display.

You will need to fill out the CHOOSE ENROLLER information. For example, if you want to enroll as a result of my referring you, then my enroller id number will be 5094106. After that select your country and check the agreement box.

Every other step will be as in the case above.


It is best to get Trevo at cheaper rate because you can.  Enjoy the benefits of being Trevo partner today.  Enjoy the opportunity of a global business. Join us in building the next billion dollar brand today. And most importantly join to touch lives positively. Get Trevo at cheaper rate today and get into the extraordinary lifestyle.

If you chose to join Trevo through my team, I can assure you that I will be there for you. I will take you by the hand so that together we will build the next dollar brand. Surely, we are stronger and healthier together as a team.

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Weight Loss Puzzle Solved For You

So many people are struggling to manage their weight without much success. You may be one of such people. This is mainly because many of such people do not understand the secret behind weight loss.

The number one secret to weight loss is that you must first understand what gives you weight.Otherwise you may end up frustrated like many people are. i am so sure that you don’t want that happening to you.

It is important to note that the causes for being overweight vary from person to person. Factors such as genetics, environmental, food intake, metabolism and differing levels of exercises play roles in being overweight. However, food intake plays the major role in being overweight. If that is well taken care of, all the other factors are minor.

Are you willing to discover the vital key to the weight loss puzzle? So many people have given up on the need to manage their weight effectively because of the numerous frustrations and lack of progress.

But if you are overweight, you need not struggle any more. You need not give up! Why? You only need to find the easy way to solve the weight problem. This is very important because of the numerous issues and dangers associated with being overweight.

Dangers of Overweight

Overweight has a lot of health implications. Far gone are the days that overweight or obesity is associated with affluence.

Overweight is the second leading cause of cancer. Diabetes is associated with overweight. Overweight is linked to high blood pressure. Its role in the frequent cases of liver and kidney failures cannot be over emphasized. In fact, overweight is associated with most non communicable diseases (NCDs).

Weight Loss Puzzle Finally Solved without Further Struggles

Managing your weight can be a real struggle because good nutrition is essentially very difficult to achieve in today’s hectic world of fast food and nutritionally-empty snacks. Yet it is really important to note that without good nutrition, weight loss can be extremely difficult to achieve and maintain.

Apart from the underestimated damaging effect of processed foods, the apparent preferred eating on the go, the apparent being too busy to plan healthful meals and yet having abundant time for frivolities like watching TV, there are other reasons people all over the world do not seem to eat the right things.

Our bodies are daily screaming for micronutrients, macronutrients and phytonutrients that are largely absent from our daily food supply. The result is that we keep on eating and eating in an attempt to give our bodies the necessary nutrients that it needs, but can never seem to get because it is simply not available. This in turn leads to frequent overeating and consequently, the accumulation of fat deposits in the body which results in overweight. For many people, therefore, losing weight is simply a mirage.

This is where the super-nutrition of Trévo comes into the picture in a most fascinating way. By providing your body with the complete-spectrum nutrition that it needs, you will definitely discover that you feel fuller for a longer while. This is because the body gets satisfied when it

gets all the micronutrients, macronutrients and phytonutrients that it needs. The result is that those cravings that had previously sabotaged your weight management efforts no longer have a grip on your life. This will mean that the body stops getting in all the junks that simply convert to fat.

Are you struggling with weight loss? One of the most effective and permanent solution to it is to use Trevo as a balanced food replacement particularly in the morning. This not only leads to weight loss without stress or struggles, but at the same time gives you bonus in the form of support to a normal blood pressure health, immune system health, most powerful anti-aging system, eye health, mental focus health. Other benefits include cardiovascular health, nervous system health, bone and joint health, digestive system health.

Stop the struggles over weight loss. Take the sure route to weight loss.

Solve the weight loss puzzle once and for all. Lose that unnecessary weight the smart and easy way.

Note that you can get Trevo at a good discounted price by becoming a member of the Trevo family. It is easy to join.

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Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally -Health Tips

A friend recently asked me if Trevo is healthy for someone having diabetes. His question was based on the fact that Trevo is pleasantly sweet. I don’t think that that my friend has diabetes; and so he may not be alone in that question. His question prompted me to ask: Can diabetes be reversed? The answer is yes! I bring to you these 5 health tips to naturally reverse type 2 diabetes.

But what is type 2 diabetes?

There are a number of types of diabetes. But two are majorly common and so the two are referred to as type 1 and type 2 diabetes. So what is the difference?

Type 1 diabetes

This type of diabetes is less common and often starts from childhood. It is usually as a result of autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks itself, destroying the beta cells of the pancreas where insulin is formed. This results in shortfall of production of insulin.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is much more common than type 2, comprising about 80% of diabetes cases. This type of diabetes usually results from not eating right, overweight and poor exercise. Most often, it starts from about the age of 40 on the average.

Health Tips To Naturally Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

As can be seen in the causes of type 2 diabetes above, the major causes are manmade. This means that by reversing those factors which the man has control over, he would also succeed in reversing the type 2 diabetes.

So here are some health tips to naturally reverse type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, they are all easily adoptable. It is a question of making conscious choices between what should reverse it or progress it.

  1. Cut short on high carbohydrate foods and drinks.

So many people all over the world are addicted to carbohydrates.

High carbohydrate foods not only increases your weight which is a major contributing factor to diabetes, but also leads to sharp increase or spikes in blood sugar level.

Soon there will be a drop in the sugar level which will result in hunger pang. This in turn will likely lead to another food consumption. This leads to a vicious cycle of having excess sugar in the blood and yet yearning for more of what will increase it.

Also avoid all drinks other than water if truly you want to reverse the type 2 diabetes.

All alcoholic drinks should be avoided. Alcohol, of course is established as a leading cause of diabetes. The reason is not surprising because beer contains more refined sugar and carbohydrate than people imagine. All the talk about minimizing alcohol as a means of preventing or reversing type 2 diabetes are only out of compromise.

Avoid refined sugar at all cost if truly you want to reverse the type 2 diabetes. Do not compromise with unhealthy snacks, desserts, and soda drinks. They are among the worst culprits in causing spikes in blood sugar level. And unfortunately too, they do not have significant nutritional value.

You may have to read the book: Eating Right, Your #1 Key To Healing And Health by Uche Egbuna to see more of the damages that alcohol, refined sugars, saturated oils do to your body.

Also of importance to naturally reverse type 2 diabetes is not overeating and eating at appropriate times.


  1. Sleeping Right

As noted in my book, Eating Right, Your #1 Key To Healing And Health, “healthy sleep is superior to medicine”. If this assertion is true and it is, then how, when and where you sleep are important factors in reversing the type 2 diabetes. Do not be a night owl. It is not wisdom to sow the seed that will germinate tomorrow to bear the fruit of health crises.

For general health and also for the purpose of reversing type 2 diabetes, try going to bed at about 10 pm or earlier. Strive for about five hours of uninterrupted sleep. Deep healing of the body takes place between 11 pm and 1-00 am. Do not allow much to interrupt your sleep within this period.

Quality sleep will reduce your stress level as well as enhance quality mental and emotional health. Poor sleep or rest can raise the levels of cortisol in the body thereby leading to hormone imbalance. This in turn, and on its own, can cause arrays of health issues.

3. Exercising Right

As I noted in one my posts on getting enough exercise, “Next to eating right and sleeping right, exercise is the next extremely important factor if one must enjoy a reasonable degree of good health. Despite its degree of importance for our well-being, so many people seem not to have time for exercise”.

The above assertion is true. In order to reverse type2 diabetes, the need for daily exercise cannot be overemphasized. Exercise helps strengthen the body’s muscles which in turn  increases the muscle’s ability to use insulin.

For the purpose of reversing type 2 diabetes, short sessions of high-intensity exercise is preferred to long sessions of moderate exercise.

  1. Weight Management

Obesity, the higher form of being overweight, is linked as a major cause of type 2 diabetes. Having normal weight is very essential to reversing type 2 diabetes. In order to manage your weight effectively, you must first understand what gives you weight otherwise you may just be going round a vicious cycle that leads nowhere.  To understand this , you must reassess your breakfast and super. Watch out for more details on this or grab a copy of my book on Eating Right, Your #1 Key To Healing And Health. It is available on Amazon.


  1. Increase the intake of some helpful foods

While some foods worsen the case of type 2 diabetes, some other foods help reverse type 2 diabetes. Which foods help to reverse type 2 diabetes?

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

This is a fatty acid that converts blood sugar (glucose) to energy. It is a free radical fighter that resides inside the mitochondria of every cell of the body. ALA helps recycle antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, so that they can continue to exert their antioxidant effects.

ALA is very popular in its use to reverse type 2 diabetes, cancer, liver disease, memory loss, chronic fatique syndrome etc.

ALA is found in foods such as yeast, flaxseed oil and liver. However, I do not recommend your taking liver for the purpose of getting ALA. It is also available in some food supplements.

ALA is richly available in Trevo and that is why Trevo is very popular in not only reversing diabetes, but maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. Talking about Trevo, I think it will be necessary at this point to say that what makes Trevo delicious is a herb called trevia which is about 600 times sweeter than honey and yet used to control high blood sugar level.


  • Chromium

Chromium is a trace mineral which works with insulin to help cells burn glucose from the blood stream and in the process release energy. A shortfall of chromium often results in deficiency in insulin effectiveness which in turn also leads to deficiency in the body’s ability to handle glucose.

Chromium is found in foods such as broccoli, grape juice, orange juice, bananas green beans, onions, tomatoes, potatoes. Most importantly, it is richly available in Trevo. In fact, more than enough chromium and other vital nutrients are available in Trevo to keep both type of diabetes at a safe distance.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon lowers blood sugar, blood fats, LDL cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes.

It is  mainly found in food supplements such as Trevo. Trevo is highly recommended for anyone who truly wants to live above diabetes and other non communicable diseases.

  • Use food supplement

The nutrient- depleted foods at our disposal makes it necessary that we supplement our diet with good food supplement. Finding an all-in-one food supplement is the best way to go as it is cheaper and more effective. Such supplement has the capacity to maintain wellness and to reverse type 2 diabetes. It also can reverse most other ailments. For this purpose, I proudly recommend Trevo. It will more than optimize your wellness if you will try it.



These health tips to naturally reverse type 2 diabetes are lifestyle changes that anyone can adopt. Start the changes today. Cut short on carbohydrate. Choose to sleep right. Choose to exercise right.  Supplement your diet because it is difficult to get all that the body needs no matter how you try. Manage your weight effectively. Many people get frustrated here because they approach it wrongly. And of course, start eating foods that naturally have the capacity to reverse type 2 diabetes.

See you on the side of diabetes free life and lifestyle!

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10 Reasons To Join Trevo, The Next Billion Dollar Brand

Some brands grow extremely fast. This is usually the case if the brand has what is very valuable and needed by a  large number of people. These, and many others are reasons to join Trevo today.

People, who had opportunity to join such brands but neglected it, usually look back with regrets. Consider facebook, apple, google, microsoft and a number of other billion dollar brands. Most of the people that had opportunity of partnering with them when they were growing up but looked down on it would be wishing they were wiser.

Good enough, opportunities keep coming up from time to time. Another opportunity that has great potential to be better than the present billion dollar brands is here with us.

What brand is that?

Proudly introducing …


What is Trevo?

Trevo is a one-of–a-kind-product that empowers wellness and wealth. Trevo is the next billion dollar brand that anyone with business savvy must invest in today. Why? The answer will be provided shortly. The business model (network marketing) that made someone the world’s richest man for many years is definitely a good one.

Trevo can be explained from two perspectives – from the perspective of being a unique, extremely powerful food supplement, and from the perspective of being a marketing network with a great difference. I will define Trevo from these two perspectives.

Trevo as a unique food supplement

Trevo is a revolutionary food supplement that is made in the USA from 174 best ingredients from around the world. All the best ingredients from all the corners of the earth where people live long and healthy are in this unique product called Trevo.

In a nut shell, Trevo is the unique product that holds the secret to wellness and health. It contains all the nutrients the body needs to maintain a complete healthy body system. And where the body is already malfunctioning, it helps restore, then renew and revive it to normalcy.

Trevo works down to the cellular level thereby ensuring health from the foundation of the body.

This complete-spectrum food supplement in a unique formula is the number one if not the only answer we have today for the big nutritional gap created by the nutrients- depleted food we are challenged with.

It is especially unique because all that the body needs are combined into one-of-a-kind product. The result is that you don’t need so many different products for different purposes.

This uniqueness makes Trevo a very fast growing brand all over the world! So it is not an exaggeration to say that Trevo is the next billion dollar brand.

The nutritional gap in conjunction with unsafe food has resulted in over 200 diseases according to the World Health Organization. Today, the escalating number of high blood pressure is linked to poverty and poor nutrition. However, the poverty that I attributed the high blood pressure to is poverty of the mind and not poverty of the pocket.

Trevo supports the following:


  • Normal blood pressure
  • A wonderful sense of general well-being
  • Healthy cholesterol level
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Healthy and powerful anti-aging benefits
  • Healthy body pH level
  • Digestive system health
  • Support immune system health
  • Support men’s health
  • Support excellent weight management
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Support women’s health



Trevo as a marketing network

Trevo as a marketing network, “gives you the opportunity to experience life to the fullest by positioning you for success with the perfect combination of product, opportunity, business plan and timing” Mark A. Stevens, Trevo CEO.

Trevo as a network marketing organization helps you

  • Fulfill your dreams
  • Transform your life
  • Put the style back into your life
  • You live the extraordinary life of freedom
  • Position you for success
  • Empower you to financial freedom


Having seen what Trevo is all about, here are reasons why you should join Trevo today.

10 Reasons To Join Trevo, The Next Billion Dollar Brand

Convert your spare time to money

Most people have some time to spare. This spare time is spent according to the one’s interests. Some people may spend their spare time watching television, gossiping, criticizing government and leaders. Some others may spend such time sleeping, drinking, smoking and many other things that do not add value to their life.

On the other hand, someone may choose to use his or her spare time to write a book, improve his self or herself or to convert it to money through introducing Trevo to his friends and family members. And you get richly paid when you do so.

We do a lot of referral work on daily basis without getting any commission for it. For example, if someone thinks your dress is cute and wants you to refer him to your tailor, you may not get any referral commission. But in Trevo any such referee gets you a handsome commission. This is one of tne many reasons to join Trevo, the next billion dollar brand

Even when you think you don’t have the time, but as long as you discuss with people that is a good time to chip the benefits of Trevo and earn your commissions.  Do join us today.

  1. Create another stream of income

Every business minded person knows it is not the best to pack all his eggs into one basket. It is the better practice to have as many baskets as possible.

Joining Trevo, the next billion dollar brand is a very good opportunity to create another stream of income. More so, it is very reliable and free from any iota of shady deals. Therefore, one can invest in Trevo with 100% peace of mind. This is one of the many reasons to join Trevo.

Do you think you still have any reason whatsoever not to join us today?

  1. Exposes you to opportunity of global business

Trevo is a worldwide based business. Presently, it exists in over 40 countries round the world. There is no restriction as to where you can cover or operate from.

The implication of this is that when you join Trevo, you join a global business with a global opportunity. Another implication is that you grow beyond the recession in your country if it is suffering from one. There are no limits to the opportunities available. In Trevo, the extraordinary lifestyle is the style. This is one of the great reasons to join Trevo, the next billion dollar brand today. There is no need to delay.



The Unique Product

Trevo has only one unique product. This unique product is all that the body needs for a vibrant health and wellness. This makes it not another “me-too” product. This is very much unlike the other products where you have an array of products.

It is amazing to have everything that the body needs for maximum health put in a unique blend that is very tasty. To distinctly stand out, definitely is one of the reasons to join Trevo!

  1. The Brand Is Growing Extremely Fast

Trevo brand is growing so fast that if anyone who is aware of the opportunities now and fail to make use of it will not be happy with himself for the costly mistake. All the people who missed out on investing on google, facebook, apple when they were growing will not be happy with the opportunity they missed.

Trevo is the next billion dollar brand and investing on it now by joining the network will be an uplifting decision.

  1. Trevo is Touching More Lives Than Can Be Imagined.

Truly Trevo is touching more lives than can be imagined. The reason for this is simple. When the body is equipped with what it needs, it then goes ahead to carry out the function that that it is designed to carry out naturally. The testimonies are indeed outstanding. I am yet to see anyone taking Trevo who does not have testimonies.

As a result of such outstanding performance, the demand for Trevo will ever be on the increase. This is among the good reasons to join the Trevo network today. I just wish that you do not hesitate further. Let us touch lives together.

  1. Power Start Commission

The power start commission is the commission you receive when someone registers as a result of your referring him or her. This is usually up to 40% of the cost of registration. In Nigeria, for example, when someone registers with 3 bottles registration, the bonus is #1180. This is not all.

There is no limit to the number of referrals and there is no limit to the commission. Here you decide and determine your pay packet. You determine the lifestyle that suits you.

  1. Auto ship Commission

This is the commission that you receive each time anyone from your team buys Trevo. This is a very interesting aspect of the Trevo networking business. If you have even a medium sized team, say 1000 people and about only 100 of them buys 3 bottles each, this translates into a big amount of money.

In Nigeria, for example, when someone buys 3 bottles of Trevo, you receive #2065 commissions. For this modest number of people it will amount to over two hundred thousand naira. Now consider what this will amount to for people that have up to 15,000 people in their team. Great, as not up to 1% of Nigerians earn anything near this figure.

This gives the power of passive income. This is a case where you work once and reap the benefit of the work for a long while. This is the secret of the wealthy. They build a system that makes them money even while they sleep. Other good examples of such system include investing in estate, writing a quality book, singing a good song. Having opportunity to join the business model of the rich is really one of the reasons to join Treve.

  1. Up to 25% retail profit

As a registered member, you can get Trevo at members’ price and then retail to non Trevo members. The profit here is usually up to 25%. The retail profit often adds up to some significant sum over the month.

  1. Bonuses

Different types of bonuses abound in Trevo.  Some of the bonuses are enjoyed along the ladder of the different levels of leadership. There are 20 levels in the leadership cadre. From levels 6 to 20, you enjoy 1% bonus of the total global sales (not profit) for the month. Amazing!

At level 11 you enjoy the bonus of a new car. At level 16 you enjoy the bonus of an executive car. At level 18 you enjoy the bonus of a charity project in your name that will be cited in a location of your choice.

There are also travel bonuses every year. For 2017, the World Tour will be taking us to Zan Ziba! I just wish that you will be part of it

Great reasons to join Trevo, the next billion dollar brand.




Trevo is a one-of–a-kind-product that empowers wellness and wealth. Trevo is the next billion dollar brand that anyone with business savvy must invest in today. We have also seen that there are so many reasons to join Trevo network without any worry. For me, the business model (network marketing) that made someone the world’s richest man for many years is not a bad one. What do think?

Maybe you asking, what does it cost to join the Trevo network? Good question. The answer is simple but the cost depends on the country that you are located. For the cost in your country, visit and then click enroll now. Scroll down to the country of your location and then follow the instructions. The cost varies with how many bottles registration that you want to start with. In addition to getting the number of bottles of Trevo you registered for, you also receive a website and a number of other materials to help you get started immediately.

My Bonus

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6 Ways Overeating Affects Your Health And Productivity

Overeating is highly deadly and is a very important aspect of not eating right. It is necessary not to over eat as it is very unhealthy. Overeating affects your health and productivity negatively in a number of ways.

Most people at one time or the other had over eaten. It occurs often among many people and if the person is observant, it is not always a palatable experience.

I know because it used to be part of my problem. In fact, it used to be a regular occurrence with me until I had knowledge.  After that I had to seriously fight it until it was conquered.

Have you ever over eaten? What was your experience like?



What is Overeating?

Overeating is eating to the point when

  1. You feel some weight in your stomach; or
  2. You eat till you feel some discomfort, as a result of the eating.

It is the excess food in relation to what the body requires at the particular time.


Ways Overeating affect your health and productivity

Here is a list of  6 ways overeating affects your health and productivity.

  1. Overeating is highly unhealthy as it overworks the organs


Overeating is highly unhealthy. It over labors the organs that are associated or involved  with digestion such as the brain, heart, stomach, large and small intestines, gall bladder, pancreas, kidney, liver etc. Over laboring these organs is majorly responsible for the frequent cases of heart attack, kidney failure, liver failure, colon cancer etc. From this, it is clear enough that overeating affects your health and productivity.



  1. Overeating makes the one dull and less productive

Overeating makes the person involved dull. This is so because the organs are doing extra job to handle the excess food taken at the point. This is particularly the case between two to three hours after the overeating.

What can a dull man do? Not much. As a result the individual is much more prone to be less productive.

  1. Overeating leads to frequent hunger pangs

When one over eats or takes sugary products, the level of sugar in the blood rises drastically. When it reduces, it leads to hunger pangs. As a result, the individual form the habit of continuous overeating.


  1. Overeating leads to non-refreshing sleeps

If one is above 40 years, overeating will often lead to insomnia, that is, inability to sleep at night.


The sleep is usually not refreshing because the organs which were supposed to be ‘resting’ while we sleep are busy doing some work of digestion. As a result the individual may be sleeping but not resting.


  1. Overeating Leads to Aging Fast


There are some pictures I took many years after graduation from a university in which I looked younger than when I was an undergraduate a number of years after. Why? As an undergraduate, I was on the fast lane of life until I surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The stress of life on the fast lane coupled with not eating right as well as overeating all joined to make me look far older than was the case then.

Generally, constant overeating will lead to aging fast. Who wants to age fast? It is therefore clear that overeating affects your health and productivity.

  1. Overeating Leads to Overweight.

Overeating usually leads to overweight. Sometimes it leads to outright obesity. Overweight is responsible for a number of health challenges such as high blood pressure and cancer. In fact, overweight is officially the second leading cause of cancer. I hope that did not surprise you?

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Boost Your Wellness and Wealth With This Most Powerful, Revolutionary Liquid Formula

Wellness and wealth are two important areas of need in any one’s life! It is therefore needful to know how to boost your wellness and wealth. When that wellness and weath flow from a bottle, it is my thinking that you will want to find out what bottle is that and how that is possible! So if you are interested in finding out from which bottle health, wellness, wealth and even legacy flow from, you are welcome to the ride.

Introducing Trevo!

Trevo, made in the USA with 174 best ingredients from around the world, is a unique liquid food supplement that supplies ALL the nutrition that the body needs in one formula. This is a formula for general wellness!

Say Bye To Multiple Supplements

It is now time to say bye to multiple food supplements which in the long run is costlier and inconvenient to swallow several pills.

Here are some of the few possibilities from Trevo!

  • Get a great boost in your general wellness and health
  • Secure your present and future body organs against illness
  • Powerful anti-aging benefits
  • Made in the USA with 174 best ingredients from around the globe
  • Support immune system health
  • Support men’s health
  • Support excellent weight management
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Empower you to financial freedom
  • Enables the extraordinary lifestyle


3 Quick Steps To Higher General Well-being And Ultimate Productivity


Trevo 3-phase formula harmoniously works for your overall wellness by: restoring, renewing and reviving the body cells, tissues, systems and organs. How does it do this?



  1. Restoring your vital energy and mental focus naturally by stimulating your body with a countless number of powerful nutraceuticals which include superfruits, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more.

  2. Renewing your body’s systems and natural function with a proprietary, phytonutrient-rich blend of life giving-giving vegetables, sea vegetables, and fruits as well as essential fatty acids and green super foods.

  3. Reviving your body’s anti-aging and immune function support with exotic, free radical-fighting super antioxidants, powerful herbs and coral calcium complex.


Here are some testimonies

Everyone who has used Trevo has a testimony or testimonies.

“I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) while I was still a teenager. When I was first introduced to Trevo, I took it to my doctor to get his thoughts about this product. He told me that a large number of Trevo’s ingredients are known to provide powerful cellular protection as well as central nervous system support, and recommended that I try it. Today, I feel better, am able to think more clearly, and even get around better than I have in years”- Karen W


“I just got back from walking into my cardiologist check-up 50lbs lighter than my last appointment! And I am walking much faster, breathing much more freely, and my blood pressure was the best it’s been in over 12 years!

I LOVE MY TREVO! I look good too!” – Kelly S


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be energetic and vibrant again?

Unique Liquid Formula That Blows Away The Ill Feelings


Revolutionary liquid formula that contains 174 of nature’s finest nutraceutical ingredients from around the globe allows you to live a vibrant life that you are meant to. This is because good nutrition is the major key to a healthy, fuller life.


Currently, like majority of the people, you may probably be having some health challenges which is just the order of the day. This may also be costing money, time, inconvenience both to you and the people taking care of you.


All these are simply the result of the nutrient depleted diets that we are all challenged with. The truth be told, no matter how well you want to eat now, you CANNOT get all the nutrients that your body needs from the nutrients-depleted foods that surrounds us.


Skyrockets Wellness Potential


Did you know that it is possible to have a completely normal blood pressure?


Did you know that it is possible to be completely free from all the common issues that result from poor body immune system and poor nutrition?

All these mean better, healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Trevo Gives You Complete Support


Trevo gives you full support all the way! It gives your body the complete spectrum of nutrients it needs for optimum health.


Trevo Support


  • A wonderful sense of general well-being
  • Healthy cholesterol level
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Healthy anti-aging
  • Healthy body pH level
  • Digestive system health


There is no time you need Trevo more than now and in order to get it at a discounted rate:





Trevo does not only empower your wellness and that of your family, it also

Empowers your Dreams

Trevo gives you opportunity for the extraordinary lifestyle.












With the Trevo network, you don’t need only to just dream but you can go ahead and empower your dream.

At Trevo You Can Live The Life That You Choose!

Almost everyone dreams of a life of abundance and prosperity. Unfortunately, that is where it all ends for majority of the people.

But Trevo helps:

  • Fulfill your dreams
  • Transform your life
  • Put the style back into your life
  • You live the extraordinary life of freedom
  • Position you for success


Dare now to choose the Trevo extraordinary lifestyle of your choice now!


Trevo Offers You A Number Of Different Ways To Make Real Money!

Trevo offers you a great opportunity to change your lifestyle through a number of ways it has provided for you to make money through it. These include:

  • Up to 25% Retail Profit
  • Up to 40% Power Start Commissions
  • Up to 20% Matching Bonuses
  • 8 levels of Group Volume Commission
  • 4 levels of Bulk Pack Commission
  • Recognition Commission
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Charity Bonuses





Trevo Helps You Create Unparalleled

Residual Income

Passive income is very sweet. You work once and you continue getting returns for a long time or for life. That is what Trevo offers you. Work now and earn for life. This is the business model of the rich. You too can benefit from it. You need not work all your life or go broke as soon as you stop working.


Trevo Different AutoShip Programs help ensure you enjoy unparalleled residual income.


More Testimonies

Here are a few more testimonies of how Trevo has impacted the lives of some participants


“Trevo has given me an amazing lifestyle of both financial and time freedom. It has changed my life from zero to hero and ordinary to extraordinary”- Abiodun M.



“I love seeing the expressions on people’s faces when they realize that Trevo can and will empower their dreams. It is easy to be committed to and excited about Trevo because I believe in the company, the product, and its founders.” –Olufemi S



The Adventure Time Starts Now!

Having seen the fantastic wellness and wealth, as well as the lifestyle changing income opportunities, the question now is, what are you waiting for?

If you have a dream, you should live it. However, whether you get to live that dream or not is determined by what you decide to do now. What you chose now either takes you farther away or closer to your dream. Imagine what financial freedom can mean to you now! Imagine what it will mean for your children and parents.

Also imagine a life of super abundant wellness! Does that mean much to you? It is super exciting to have only one product super supporting all your organs.


Deliver Your Dreams From Being Just Daydreams

Take action now! You have nothing to lose. Let loose your joy and passion now and join us now. Let loose your passion and prosperity and join the multi- billion dollar brand now.  Now is the time!

Trevo … meet you on the side of vibrant wellness and liberating financial freedom.

Enroll Now

And say bye to ordinary lifestyle of health and wealth challenges.

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Do Not Spend Money on Medication For High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Try This Amish Remedy

Before the advent of modern medicine and pharmacy, many common ailments of men, have some natural solution which was very effective. The Amish people are one of the people well known for their effective and natural cure for high blood pressure and Cholesterol. No need to add that this has the great advantage having no side effects.

Another great advantage of the Amish recipe is the fact that the simple recipe is able to handle many other ailments. Why is this so? This is so because the recipe actually strengthens the immune system health. When the immune system health is strong and healthy, it will on its own be well equipped to fight most common ailments afflicting it.

Remember the case of AIDS? Why does it have a disastrous effect? It has a damaging effect simply because the immune system of the body is made very weak. This makes the body extremely vulnerable to every form and magnitude of infection.

So with high scourge of high blood pressure, everyone suffering from it no longer needs to live like he has been sentenced to a life of drug and helplessness.

Now back to the Amish recipe for high blood pressure and cholesterol. What are the ingredients? Are they readily available? Are they affordable? Is the recipe effective? We will proceed now to answer these questions.

What are the ingredients?

The ingredients include:

Natural honey – 1 teaspoon

Ginger               _ 1 piece

Garlic                — 1 clove

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – 1 tablespoon

Lemon juice – I tablespoon

From the above list of the ingredients, we can readily see that the ingredients are readily available. They are readily around us in their natural state. Not only that, they are easily obtainable and also readily affordable.


Grate the ginger and garlic and mix them with the lemon juice, honey and the apple cider vinegar.

The availability of modern day equipment at our disposal may warrant using the blender to blend the ingredients to obtain a smooth finishing.

You may now strain out the liquid into a cup and leave in a refrigerator for 5 days. The recipe can stay without the fridge. It is allowed to stay for 5 days before use so that the pungent odor associated with the garlic will fade. This means that if you can stand the offensive odor, you can start using it without waiting fot the five days.


The recommended dosage is one tablespoon in the morning and evening before meal.

Amazing results

Because this recipe works to first boost the immune system, the result is always amazing. Within a few days of consistent use, you would have noticed that both your blood pressure and cholesterol would have been restored to normal.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get your ginger, garlic, lemon, ACV and honey. Be sure to check your blood pressure everyday of the 5 days of waiting for the recipe to mature.



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5 Foods That You Should Eat Regularly To Slow Aging

Do you want to look younger? Most adults do! But unfortunately, for majority of the people, contrary is presently the case. This is because of a lot of factors that work against our well-being and consequently promote aging fast. However, there are foods that slow aging. These factors include sleep quality, food quality, stress and a host of other factors.

Aging is not just a matter of the outward look. It originates from the inside. Slow aging or aging gracefully, occurs when the inside of the body is functioning optimally. The brain also develops some strategy to slow aging if the appropriate input is taken. Your heart, for example, does not need to be 50 when you are just 27 years.

Foods play a big role in whether we age fast or gracefully. So if you want to look your age or even younger, you must embrace some type of food and avoid some type.

There are quite a number of foods that will slow aging. In addition to vegetables and fruits, here is a list of 5 foods that will keep you looking younger as you eat them on regular basis.

  1. Red Raspberry

Raspberries, along with blackberries, strawberries, cherries, pears, apples, belong to the rose family of plants. The red raspberry is a fabulous source of ellagic acid and extremely powerful antioxidants. Red raspberries are also rich in manganese, fiber, Vitamin C and the vitamins B-complex.

The red raspberries have powerful anti aging effect. It promotes longevity, support immune system health, and enhances mental focus and memory.

2 Green Tea

Green tea is one made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. This means that so many so-called green teas are not truly green teas.

Green tea is free from caffeine and has powerful antioxidants.

Green tea is excellent in slowing down aging; it supports heart health as well as joint and bone health. Its weight management effect is superb.

3 Bilberry

The bilberry is closely related to the blueberry. Dried, ripe bilberry is used to make medicine in traditional European medicine.

Its powerful antioxidant property is excellent for slowing aging. It also supports cardiovascular health and neurological health.

4 Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is surprisingly refreshing despite its acidic and astringent nature. Lemon juice is a rich source of Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

They are very beneficial in supporting digestive system health, gastrointestinal system health, respiratory system health. It is also rich in antioxidants that help slow aging effect.

5 Walnuts

Through regular consumption of walnuts, you can enjoy the many health benefits of walnut. Walnuts have a good anti-aging effect. It also has a lot of other health benefits. Walnut can help reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer, lower high blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, aid in weight control, boost brain health and manage diabetes. They are equally good for your skin and hair.





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