Heart Health and Kidney Health: The simple secret

All your body organs are obviously important! But it is also clear that some are more important than others. Therefore, the question, your heart health and kidney health which is more important, does not sound very foolish.

If we take a critical look at both of them, we will be able to point out which is more important based on some criteria. Well, I am not going do just that. The two organs are very important for the sustenance of life. What I rather want to do is much more than that. I have some urgent information to pass to you about a very simple method to optimal heart health and kidney health. If the information is accepted and applied, you will be super glad soon.

The simplest secret to heart health and kidney health

The heart and kidney are among the organs that do the most laborious work in your body. Both almost work 24 hours every day. When these organs are not working optimally, their effects reflect all over the individual. Now you can imagine what happens when they fail!

If they work so hard to keep you healthy and there is one very simple but important thing for you to do to keep them from breaking down, will you do it? If you will not do that, why read further?

As pointed out earlier, these organs work so hard. How do you feel if after a hard day’s job someone adds some unnecessary extra labor for you to do? You definitely will not be happy. If you have your way, you may resist the extra work!

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we do to these organs. You may not be one of the culprits but the vast majorities are.

How do we over labor these organs and consequently endanger our health? It is by eating after 18.00 hours! This may sound strange and simple to some people, but its effect is unpleasant on your heart health and kidney health.

These organs, in addition to all the other organs are supposed to be enjoying rest as we sleep. But by eating later than this time, the one sends them to working all the night.

By day break, the individual finds that he or she is exhausted rather than refreshed. This is accompanied by general weakness and possibly a mild headache. There will normally be early morning hunger pangs too. General body weakness will be noticed. Now if you wake up so exhausted, what do you think of the organs that have been directly at work all through the night?

Many, not recognizing the reason for their early morning tiredness, pack in some more food into their body. The already tired organs then go into another vicious cycle of labor. The cycle continues and the heart health and kidney health quickly deteriorate. This in turn gives room to many other diseases and ill-health.

By the way, this often overlooked attitude is the secret why so many people are not enjoying optimal health.

Avoid eating later than 18.00 hours for only 10 days and tell me how you feel after the exercise. You will likely feel lighter, healthier, stronger, agile and happier.

Staying healthy is a choice. To stay healthy you definitely will need to invest in  your health. This investment may be in the form of a book such as The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease . It can also be in the form of . supplement. This supplement will also help .

You can get access to the 14 Healthy Lifestyle Rules that keep me highly healthy and Productive for free. Click on the image below.

Heart health: 14 Healthy Lifestyle Rules

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Increasing Testosterone Levels Naturally

Teenagers and children have a healthier testosterone levels. This enable them to do much more than older people can do. Increasing testosterone levels naturally is a sure way for older people to return to more active and healthier lifestyle. The health benefits are numerous!

Baring illness, children and teenagers exuberance are manifest in:

Abundant energy

Healthy bone density

Enviable muscle mass

Less prone to diseases

Absence of body fat

Absence or extremely low muscle recovery time

Sharp mental focus and clarity

Child-like sleep quality

Highly active libido in men and women

Relatively mood stability

The above great qualities are primarily the result of a healthy testosterone hormone levels. A few other hormones complement the testosterone hormone to produce these desirable effects.

Sadly enough, as men grow older, the production of this hormone drops and as a result the following effects are most likely:

Recurrent weakness

Reduced muscle

Additional fat


Reduced libido

Sleep disorder

Ways Of Increasing Testosterone Levels Naturally

There are two major ways of increasing testosterone levels. These are artificial and natural ways.

The artificial way yields faster but less safe results. It involves introducing testosterone into the body in the form of injections, pills, creams, etc

On the other hand, increasing testosterone levels naturally involves boosting testosterone levels by means of right diet, appropriate exercise, organic supplement and healthy lifestyle adjustments.

Attention will be giving to increasing testosterone levels naturally because it’s better in the long run.

Naturally Increasing Testosterone Levels

Boosting testosterone levels naturally is by far better and safer if the deterioration was noticed early enough. It is not wise to wait until the levels have gone so low before starting to give it the required attention.

Here are effective ways of increasing testosterone levels naturally.

Right Diet

Right diet plays a major role on whether you will remain healthy generally or not. The contribution of food on the boosting of testosterone levels cannot be overemphasize.

Some particular foods are great in promoting the production of testosterone. Examples of such foods include:


Mushrooms promotes the production of testosterone as well as inhibiting the production of aromatase enzyme which indirectly inhibits the production of free testosterone.


The old belief is that egg are highly unhealthy because it was believed to contain’ bad’ cholesterol. Contrarily to this belief eggs contain Vitamin D3. This substance is comparable to testosterone at the molecular level as it is a cholesterol-based steroid hormone.  Eggs, particularly free range eggs, are great for boosting testosterone levels naturally,

Healthy fats such as those from avocado, coconut and cold press coconut oil, egg yolks, raw nuts, raw seeds are good for the production of testosterone.

On the other hand, unhealthy fats will lower the production of testosterone.


Garlic adds to the taste of food. It also serves to increase the production of testosterone levels in the body.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are foods that increase testosterone through some processes that will be explained in detail in a subsequent post. The resultant effect is increased testosterone and its by-effects:  increased libido, more muscle build-up, less fat and better performance at the gym.


To stay healthy and strong, one must stay active through the right exercise. Some type of exercises help boost testosterone levels while some others help lower it.

Weight lifting is one good exercise that helps to increase the production of testosterone. On the other hand, exercise such as running helps lower testosterone production.

Weight lifting has a lot of other advantages other than increasing testosterone levels naturally. Therefore, If you one of those that think that weight lifting is for body builders, then it’s time to change your mind.

I will soon blog on the numerous benefits of weight lifting.

Organic Supplements

Organic supplements are those supplements that the ingredients used in their manufacture are premium and without fertilizers. They are safer for you  but a little costlier. A good example is the Superior Labs Test ..

They should not be misconstrued or mistaken for testosterone pills.

It is important to note that most often even when we are conscious of our diet, we may still suffer from one vitamin or mineral deficiency. This is where supplements that will naturally boost testosterone levels come in.  The following testosterone booster supplements are great .


Healthier Lifestyle

Adopting a healthier lifestyle will help in increasing testosterone level naturally. Eating right and eating for a purpose are part of the necessary lifestyle changes important for increasing and maintaining a healthy testosterone level.

Sleeping right also helps much in the improving of testosterone hormone levels. Sleeping right involves some factors such as time of going to bed, wake up time, sleep conditions, quality of sleep, etc.


Testosterone plays important role in our staying active and vibrant in life. Its decrease usually leads to unhealthy consequences. It is therefore better, cheaper and is safer to aspire to maintain a healthy levels at all times. This can be achieved by starting out early enough to do all that we can to boost testosterone production.

You should start right away and take increasing your testosterone levels seriously.


 Increasing Testosterone Levels Naturally: 14 Healthy Lifestyle Rules


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7 Health Benefits of Happiness that Will Interest You

Happiness is a personal emotion that predisposes one to contentment, joy and fulfillment. It is different from a passing pleasure that is temporal. Because happiness is a personal thing, everyone gets it through something different. While being married may be a source of happiness for one person, it may not be for another person. Being healthy can be a source of happiness for one individual and not for another. Health benefits of happiness should seem obvious but is often overlooked or taken for granted.

Happiness is often overlooked as an important factor for health.  Most people are readily aware that overweight, vitamin deficiency, minerals deficiency, insufficient exercise etc are all well-known factors that will affect one’s being.

Happiness, health and success are closely linked. Nobody without a sense of happiness is really completely healthy. Such individual’s incomplete health status will be made manifest over time.

Happily, happiness can be learned or developed. A umber of books exposes the relationship between happiness, performance, health and success. They are readily available and affordable at the . .

Here is a list of health benefits of happiness.

Health benefits of happiness

Mental stability

Most happily disposed people are relatively mentally stable. In the world of today where suicide has almost become an hourly routine, this effect cannot be overemphasize. Most people who committed suicide have one reason or the other not to be happy. Most people who are not happy are also not mentally stable.

The converse of the above also seems to hold. The healthier people are more disposed not only to look happy, but also to be actually happy. Such people are motivated in most things that they do. They find it easier to connect with others, and are sincerely interested in what others do and what they have to offer. The opposite seems to be the case with the people who are angry, sad and moody.

With a happy, relaxed and positive attitude, a good atmosphere is created for a thriving health.  Anyone who is happily disposed achieves more while remaining mentally healthier. The brain is focused, but not overloaded or stresses with the pressures of daily living. Better mental health and stability are among the health benefits of happiness.

Happiness results in normal heart rate and blood pressure

When an individual is happy; the heart rate and blood pressure levels are within the normal range. That is because of endorphins, the happiness hormones that bring you a pleasant mood. At the same time, the body reduces the production of stress hormones such as cortisone. Whoever experiences that flow of happiness will likely remain healthier than otherwise. More often than not, high blood pressure is preceded by worries and stress.

Happy people have better functioning immune health

Happy people are less disposed to ill-health. They have a better functioning defense system against all kinds of diseases. This makes happy people less often sick than pessimists and people who are not well in their mind.

Most people who are angry make bitter or jealous remarks. This on its own is unhealthy. They breathe excessive ‘toxin’ that is not healthy for anyone including themselves. No wonder that they are more susceptible to ill-health.

Happy people are less prone to, and recover faster from stress
It is almost self-evident from the previous two tips.  A better hormonal disposition also means that you are less likely to suffer from stressful events. The stress hormone, cortisone, is kept under check. However, if for any reason stress happens,  happy people are quick to return to their happy, healthier self.

The above is not the case with sad, gloomy and angry people. Their cortisone level is already high. A little stressful situation increases the cortisone further thereby predisposing them more to ill-health.

Happy people are more disposed to conquer fear
Happy people think more positively about themselves. This positive disposition is extended to others and the world around them.  This makes it easier for such people to overcome their fears.

On the other hand those who are riddled with hard feelings are much more predisposed to fear.

Fear is a factor fingered as one of the factors responsible for high blood pressure.


Happy people respond better to challenges
Challenges are part of daily experiences! When such challenges arise, happy people respond better than people who are already angry, disturbed, sad or gloomy. Happiness simply gives you a lot of  advantages over its angry counterpart.

Consider a situation where someone mistakenly steps on the toes of someone who is angry. His degree of reaction will directly depend on how angry he is. He may curse, abuse, step back on you or be ready to fight. Even trivial matters are not favorably responded to because of the already bad mind. Just missing a connection in public transport can trigger off a bad disposition that may be vented on another individual. But if you are happy then you are likely to be calm and laughing at trivial situations

Having seen a number of health benefits of happiness,  it will be of greater benefit if one observes closely to know from where his happiness comes from. It will also help if one knows how to hold, retain and strengthen these health benefits of happiness. You may wish to improve your happiness level with these books on .


Get free access to the 14 Healthy Lifestyle Rules that keep me highly healthy and vibrantly productive.

Health benefits of happiness: 14 Healthy Lifestyle RulesGET FREE ACCESS NOW

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Trace Mineral Supplements: Secret of Staying Healthy

Trace Mineral Supplements: Secret of Staying Healthy

The human system has certain amounts of specific nutrients it needs to carry out various biological processes. To facilitate healthy life, growth and development of cells and tissues, trace mineral supplements must be available to the required levels. Trace minerals  are particularly important because the body cannot manufacture any of them. On the other hand, the body is able to manufacture a few of the Vitamins.

These nutrients can be categorized into two, namely – and macro-nutrients. The macro-nutrieents are the nutrients that the body needs in larger quantities such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Other subcategories of these nutrients are the vitamins and minerals. Minerals also can be categorized into the macro-minerals and the trace elements.
The macro-minerals are those that the body needs in larger amounts. These can be about 100 mg or more. These will include minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, chloride, magnesium and potassium.

On the other hand, those needed in smaller amounts of about 20 mg or less are regarded as trace minerals. These trace mineral supplements will include minerals such as iron, manganese, selenium, fluoride, zinc, cobalt, copper, iodine etc.

In this article we will focus on the trace minerals and why these are important to us all.

Importance of Trace Mineral Supplements for Health

Trace minerals and trace mineral supplements are necessary for good cellular health and metabolism.

The body tissue as well as the internal fluids contain varying quantities of minerals or trace minerals. The eyes, bones, teeth, soft tissue, muscle, blood, nerve cells, etc contain varying degrees of minerals. They are essential to overall mental and physical well-being of the individual. Their roles as catalysts for many of the biological reactions within the body cannot be overemphasized. These include activities such as muscle response and the transmission of messages through the nervous system.  They play the vital role in the utilization of nutrients in food.

They are also vital for a healthy immune system. Without these trace minerals, the production of energy will be minimal. In addition, some of these trace elements are also important so that the other nutrients, especially the larger molecules, are well absorbed and used by the body.

Listed below are more of the health benefits of some specific trace mineral supplement


Selenium is very important for immune system health. It is necessary in antioxidant reactions. This mineral works with vitamin E to damage cellular membranes against free radicals. Selenium is also involved in thyroid function.

Full grain, meat, fish and poultry are among the best sources of selenium. They can also be sourced from ..



Iron is the mineral found between red blood cells. These are responsible for the transport of oxygen through the body. After oxygen concentration, iron also facilitates the use of oxygen at cellular level because iron has the ability to change ionic charges. Haem iron from animal food such as meat, fish and poultry is easily absorbed than non-haem iron found in vegetable foods.

To maximize the absorption of iron, a glass of orange juice or an acid stomach environment can be of help. On the other hand, milk and calcium products can interfere with absorption of iron.


Zinc is involved in normal cellular growth, taste and odor senses, immune function and carbohydrate metabolism. It plays a vital role on reproduction. The deficiency of this trace mineral can lead to a number of abnormalities. These include growth retardation, skin disorders and immunological abnormalities. Other abnormalities may also include a loss of smell and taste, the lagging of sexual development.

Zinc can be found in animal products, whole grains, legumes, seafood, nuts, cereals and eggs. There are also a number of varieties of .


This is important in the endocrine system. It belongs to the thyroxine produced by the thyroid gland. Thyroxine is necessary in the control of growth and development, basal metabolism and body temperature.

Iodine deficiency can pose a serious challenge.  In case of severe iodine deficiency, the following symptoms may manifest: cretinism, mental retardation, fertility reduction and even increase in child mortality.

Seafood is the best source of iodine. In addition, water, dairy products and eggs can also contain small amounts of iodine. In addition, fish and seaweed are also reliable sources of iodine. There are also a variety of
. out there on amazon


This is important to resist cavity and decay. The skeleton is also dependent on this mineral for bone mineralization. The main source of this mineral is fluorine water, tea and toothpaste.


Molybdenum enables the function of numerous enzymes. It enable some enzymes involved in the iron exchange to function effectively. It enables the enzymes regulate fat metabolism.
Molybdenum is found in foods such as legumes, bread, cereals and organ meat.


This mineral plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism. It is a component of glucose tolerance required in response to insulin. It is found in all the body organs in small quantities. This mineral is found in meat, poultry and eggs, seafood, fish, vegetables, fruits, whole wheat products.


When these trace mineral supplements are lacking, the individual cannot truly be healthy. Some of these trace mineral supplements cannot be manufactured by our bodies. So you definitely will need these trace minerals in the form of supplement for optimal health. There are a large variety of . one can choose from.  Supplements such as . will be excellent for your optimal health.
You can find trace elements at your local or internet vitamin store.

Always choose the brand name to ensure the quality and purity of the minerals and trace mineral supplement for better health and well-being.

14 Healthy Lifestyle Rules: trace mineral supplementsClick here for instant access

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Foods that will Increase it

Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Foods that will Increase it

A large number of factors can cause anxiety and panic attacks. One of such many factors is the food that we consume. Other factors will include things like poor rest, lack of exercise, etc. Knowing the foods that can increase such disposition and minimizing them is a good step towards improving health. Which of the foods are prone to increasing anxiety, panic attacks and panic disorders?

Anxiety and panic attacks are to some large extent, nutrition dependent. But this is often under emphasized as one of the many risk factors for anxiety or stress.  What we allow in our body can actually awaken anxiety. Fortunately, there are some things we can do to prevent panic attacks. This can be partly by controlling, avoiding or minimizing the foods that causes panic attacks. Also, taking certain foods, like ., can help control anxiety.

Foods that will Increase Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Here are some foods that have been shown to increase panic attacks, severe anxiety, depression or mood swings.

Sugar and refined starch

Most mood disorders are associated with high sugar and refined starch consumption.

Consuming large amounts of sugar causes a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. The body releases insulin to reduce blood glucose levels quickly. This may lead to blood sugar crash or hypoglycemia, which is a low blood sugar level. The series of rise and fall in blood sugar level will not only result in frequent hunger pangs but also stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

High sugar diets can also lead to lactic acid build up in the blood.

If you suffer from anxiety, you should reduce your intake of sugar and refined starch. Also try to eat complex carbohydrates like whole grains. Eating smaller meals during the day and at the right time will be very helpful in this regard.


Caffeine espresso

Foods such as caffeine espresso, alcohol, cigarettes and a number of other foods promote adverse reaction in the body. This can lead to an increase in anxiety levels, nervousness and insomnia. Caffeine also deprives the body of the necessary vitamins and minerals that help balance our mood and nervous system.  As a result, a minimum amount of caffeine and alcohol should be consumed. Whenever possible the better option is to avoid them altogether.  The recommended dosage should be less than 100 mg per day which is about one cup of coffee.

Refined Salt

Salt increases the risk for high blood pressure and consequently stresses the body organs. The heart, kidney etc will therefore need to work harder and will be stressed. This consequently tends to produce stress on the individual. Studies have shown that a higher intake of salt into the body indeed causes higher level of anxiety and panic attacks.

Most of the salt intake comes from processed foods. Stop buying canned or frozen foods that salt is listed as an important ingredient. It is recommended that the dose of salt consumed per day be within 1 gm salt per day.

Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG)

Mono sodium glutamate, MSG, is a flavor enhancer that is often added to many food supplies.  The high sodium levels of MSG can have a major irritating effect on the nervous system that have the following: headache, tingling, numbness and chest pain.  MSG safe consumption limit is within  1/3 ounce or 9.45 grams per day.

Alcohol Consumption

For a substantial number of people, alcohol is often seen as a way to relax and soothe the body. Drinking too much alcohol increases lactic acid in the blood.  It also causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

This often leads to increased fear, irritability and disturbed sleep patterns. It is best not to drink alcohol. But if you must drink, do so in a low degree and not in connection with any addiction.

If you are prone to anxiety and panic attacks, it may be time to look at your diet and possibly review it. Some quality . may be helpful.

In addition to avoiding such foods, try to relax. This can be by a simple breathing technique. Or it can be a more organized activity like meditation. This way you can automatically reduce the risk of panic attacks.

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Testosterone Booster Supplements:Test Worx Review

Are you looking for the best testosterone booster supplements to use? Or perhaps you are simply confused because of the numerous brands available out there. Do you want to feel more energetic and active the entire day? Or maybe you simply want a quicker recovery times after a work-out.


Whichever is the case, you are at the right place where you will get unbiased details about the superior labs test worx testosterone booster supplement. Why do I say so? Good question. I said so because I have taken my time to do more research on this supplement more than you may have time and patience to do. I have taken a look at the consumers’ reviews which is highly beneficial for effective and unbiased judgment.

What Are the Superior Labs Test Worx Testosterone Booster Supplements?

The Test Worx testosterone booster is a blend of natural and safe ingredients that boosts testosterone hormone which is predominant in men. The boosting produces the following effects:

Dramatic increase in energy

Noticeable reduction of fat in mid section

Improves muscle recovery time

Increased mental focus and clarity

Improves sleep quality

Boosts libido in men and women

Improves mood stability

Who Needs Testosterone Booster Supplements?

As men get older, the testosterone hormone level gradually decline. This results in the following effects:

Excess fatigue



Loss in sex drive or libido

Sleep disorder

Therefore testosterone booster supplements are very beneficial to the following categories of people:

People who needed to boost their energy level before going for a workout.

People who needed to boost their energy for their daily routine activities.

People who really needed improvement in the time it takes their muscles to recover.

People whose sex drives have decreased as a result of decrease in testosterone.

People who want improved quality sleep over time.

People who needed to reduce the fat around their mid section.


Features of Superior Labs Test Worx Testosterone Booster Supplements

Supplement made from natural boosters

The Superior Labs Test Worx is made from natural booster. The Natural and Safe Ingredients mean that it has no harmful side effect. In fact the ingredients have been clinically proven on humans  and not on  animals as is often the case. The Superior Labs Test Worx contains the most potent, biologically active EuryPeptides on the market today created by the original researchers at university of Malaysia and MIT. Therefore, when taking this supplement there no fear whatsoever that there may be some hidden side effects.

Made in the USA

The superior labs test worx testosterone booster supplement is made in the USA. Is this of any significance? Yes! It is of great significance because it gives assurance that there are no cutting corners. They manufactured under the Food and Drug Agency certified and approved facilities.

Other features of importance include:

It comes with 6 weeks supply in a bottle

100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied within 2 -4 weeks

Uniquely powerful ingredients including biologically active EuryPeptides and Saponins

It is a best seller in its category!

Consumers’ Reviews

As at the time of writing this review, there are over 5400 consumer reviews for the….

The booster is rated a whopping 4.4 out of 5stars. What is more interesting is the fact that 71% of the consumers rated it 5 out of 5 stars. This simply implies that 71% of the consumers are completely satisfied.

The next 16% rated it 4 out of 5 stars.

The judgments of this 87% of the consumers can be termed relatively very reliable. 3% of the consumers rated it 3 out of 5 stars.

This means that only 10% of the consumers were not truly satisfied. A number of factors can make the booster not to perform satisfactorily for this smaller number of consumers.  These may include such factors as not following the recommended dosage. Or some internal factors like diseases.

I take side with the 87% of the satisfied consumers! Now remember that there is a money back guarantee. So you have really nothing to lose if you the superior labs test worx testosterone booster supplement and feel not satisfied. This is not likely to be if the dosage is strictly followed.

Here are some excerpts from the summary of the experiences of the consumers:

It is beneficial

I feel more energetic and active the entire day.

It helped my waist line to stay trimmed

I’m going to continue using this product

I have noticed quicker recovery times after work-out

I experience better mood and sleep

So far I feel improvements in energy and mood

The excerpts can go on and on. But how many excerpts can we really put down here from over 5400 consumer reviews?


The Superior Labs Test Worx Testosterone Booster Supplement is definitely one of the testosterone boosters that you can rely on. It gives you results almost immediately. After all, it is not the best seller in its category for nothing.

If you are still skeptical because you have had your fingers burnt by some poor quality boosters, that’s normal. Many people were skeptical too until they took the risk and tried it. You will never know how potent it is without giving it a trial. The only way you can be sure that it really works well is to give it a trial. This is not a bad move particularly in the light of the guarantee backing it.

Now is the time to head over to Amazon and make your purchase of this testosterone booster now. I will be very excited to read your review too!

Get the testosterone booster now




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How To Prevent Kidney Failure

How to prevent kidney failure is a subject matter everyone that cares for his well-being cannot toy with. This is because conventional medicine has no cure for chronic kidney disease. Treatment usually consists of measures to help control signs and symptoms, reduce complications, and slow progression of the damage. If your kidneys become severely damaged, you may need treatment for end-stage kidney disease. This is not cheap nor safe. Also the risk is not palatable. This makes it necessary that you must not play ignorance on how to prevent kidney failure.

In the United States, Kidney disease is the 9th leading causes of death. About 31 million people in the United States (10% of the adult population) have chronic kidney disease (CKD.)

In many other countries, the situation is worse. It is particularly worse in the African countries.

Kidney failure is in many cases a consequence of a number of factors. These include genetic, environmental and lifestyle. But you should keep in mind that healthy living and eating habits can reduce the risk of suffering from this dangerous disease to negligible. So let us get down to the business of how to prevent kidney failure.

In a nutshell, avoid overweight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, take a walk of at least 20 minutes daily and take care of a good diet in the following ways:

Avoid red meat

Avoid red meat (and generally all kinds of animal proteins) .Gradually eliminating meat completely may be the best thing you do for your kidneys and for yourself.

Avoid dairy

Less dairy is also one of the important tips on how to prevent kidney failure. About 30% of all people are allergic to dairy, usually without knowing it themselves.

Yogurt and dairy drinks that would improve your intestinal flora are nothing but smart marketing tricks to let you buy the product. High milk consumption even increases the risk of bone fractures. Dairy is healthy from an economic perspective only. Leave it for what it is and get your calcium from vegetables and fruit.

Avoid sugar and carbonated drinks

Reduce the labor you give to the kidneys by avoiding carbonated and sugar-sweetened beverages (the kidneys are having a lot of trouble in processing these drinks).

Sugar degrades many processes in your body.  Sugar exists in many appearances and you will find it in soft drinks, juices, candy, cake, fruit bars, sweetened dairy desserts, candy bars and processed cereals. Sugar is added in many processed foods. You often get it unnoticed. You must minimize these various means of sugar consumption if you are serious on how to prevent kidney failure.

Avoid tobacco, coffee and alcohol

According to Dr Murray Epstein, in his article Alcohol’s Impact on Kidney Function, “alcohol directly affects the kidney by altering the form and structure of this pair of organs as demonstrated by various animal studies”.


Aspire to drink more than two liters of water a day.

Let nothing substitute water in your life. Never allow your body to go dehydrated. Water helps the kidneys to optimize its functions.

Increase vegetables intake

Increase your daily dose of vegetables and fruits.  Vegetables are richer in minerals which are essential for the kidneys and other organs to function well. Fruits are richer in vitamins which are also vital for the organs to operate optimally.

Minimize cooking any food that can be eaten raw. Even mild cooking quickly destroys water soluble vitamins. This is important tip on how to prevent kidney failure must not be taken light if you truly desire a healthy kidney.

Minimize single carbohydrates

Single carbohydrates are very similar sugar. Therefore, avoid single (refined) carbohydrates or minimize them.

You can find them in white rice, white pasta, white bread, but also in brown bread from the supermarket. Single carbohydrates cause huge fluctuations in your blood sugar levels and in your insulin level and usually result in huge hunger bumps. This is very unhealthy for the kidneys. Ultimately, this leads to overeating and overweight. A situation that must be avoided by anyone interested on how to prevent kidney failure.

This is particularly necessary if your activity level is low.

Bread is packed with many calories and there is a chance that you will not use it. If you do not get involved with many activities, the excess calories is stored as fat.


Exercise daily

Moderate exercise daily is a body fat burner. When you exercise sufficiently and regularly, your body uses your fat reserves as an energy source.

For a detailed care on your kidney, you may have to take a look at my book titled Eating Right, your #1 key to healing and health.

It is of utmost importance that I let you also know that Trevo, the most complete supplement in the world today will go all the way to support your kidneys health. More details on Trevo are available on this website.

You may also wish to check out these other supplements that will help give your kidney the support that it needs.

A healthy kidney is possible. None of the tips on how to prevent kidney failure is really very difficult to follow. Today is the best day to start the journey that will keep your kidney healthy.

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Symptoms of Kidney failure You Should Not Ignore

A few days ago, I heard of the death of a neighbor around my office. He had suffered from kidney or renal failure for a while. Money was raised by a number of caring friends. A huge sum of money was deposited in a hospital for a planned surgery. But just a few days before the surgery the boy gave up. He died of kidney failure at an age less than 30 years. This has prompted me to write on symptoms of kidney failure that everyone must watch out for. This is become important because of the frequent cases of kidney failure.

It is all together too easy to ignore some small symptoms without paying much attention. Such symptoms with time will seem normal until it gets out of hand. Kidney failure normally is preceded by different signals that need to be recognized so as to take action as quickly as possible. This is necessary to enable the kidneys return to their all important functions.

For the purpose of this article, kidney failure refers to a s situation in which the kidneys cannot function effectively. Under such a situation, many functions that the kidneys are supposed to perform will start to change. These changes depend on whether the kidney failure is acute or chronic. Let’s take a look at symptoms of kidney failure that you must not be ignorant of.

Symptoms of kidney failure you should be aware of.

Explained below are some of the symptoms of kidney failure you must watch out for. The indicated symptoms may also be the symptom for another ailment.

  1. Sudden high frequency and urgency to urinate

Most often, this is the most common symptom and also the first that appears in the many symptoms of kidney failure. The possibility that this could be related to another disease should not be ruled out. But it is an obvious indicator that warns early enough that something is wrong and you must visit a doctor.

So if you feel the urge to pee often, or have to pee more often, or even have to rise several times a night to pee, then watch out.  Early detection of this debilitating disease can make a difference whether the person survives or not.

Also changes in urine color, urinating in much smaller amounts, or having blood trace in the urine could also be one of the early warning symptoms of kidney failure, particularly if it persists.

2. General fatigue

One of the early warning symptoms of kidney failure is general weakness. Why?

People with healthy liver produce sufficient quantity of the hormone called erythropoietin. This hormone is responsible for the production of red blood cells in the body. They are also responsible for the transport of oxygen to the blood.

When kidney failure sets in, this hormone is produced in much smaller amounts.  As a result, the muscles and brain begin to get tired frequently because of lack of oxygen. It is a type of anemia associated with kidney failure.

The effect of the fatigue often results in feeling of the need to sleep. There appears to be  never enough sleep.

3. Swelling of the body

Swelling of the body is one the symptoms of kidney failure. However, when the body starts swelling, the kidneys failure has progressed significantly.

Patients suffering from kidney failure fail to remove extra moisture from the body. The kidneys cannot perform their filtering function normally and fluids tend to accumulate in the body. This can result in swollen legs, ankles, feet and even a swollen face. For many such people, their legs no more fit into their shoes. That is also a very clear symptom of kidney failure.

4. Poor concentration and memory loss

Poor concentration and memory loss often is one of the warning symptoms of kidney failure. How does this result?

The poor circulatory problems, poorly filtered blood and changes to the hormone erythropoietin, all result to poor oxygen being fed to the brain.  Therefore,  the individual does not get enough energy and begin to develop concentration problems. It becomes increasingly difficult to focus. The individual frequently feel tired and even dizzy. It is normal to experience memory loss consequently.

5.  Shortness of breath after activities

It’s hard to breathe normal after an activity that should not be really tiring. For example climbing stairs, running a short distance. This is due to two causes: excess body moisture that accumulate in the lungs, making it difficult to breathe; and the fact that one is also suffering from anemia associated with kidney failure makes it harder to breathe normal.

6. Persistent Unpleasant taste in the mouth

The accumulation of toxins in the blood is normally distributed everywhere in the body. While other parts of the body may not be able to be sensitive to this, the tongue can. The wastes results in a persistent unpleasant taste in the mouth.

The accumulation of waste in the blood (known as uremia), changes the normal taste of food. It could even happen that meat  no longer taste like meat. Also, sweets are no longer delicious … That is why weight loss occurs. The difficulty that the kidneys have with eliminating waste has a lot of secondary effects and a bad taste in the mouth occurs as a result. Some people suffering from kidney failure usually indicate that they have an “iron flavor” in the mouth.

7. Catching cold frequently

Frequent feeling cold even when there is no cold is one of the characteristic symptoms of kidney failure.

Anemia causes the individual to feel colder than normal.

8. Skin rash

The kidneys failure makes them not able to perform their function effectively. The inability to properly eliminate waste from the blood results in toxins accumulating in the body. This leads to itching, pain and general discomfort. The toxins which are desperately looking for exit from within results to discomfort in the skin. The itching and scratching that follow are not always palatable.

The skin tends to easily get dirtier much more easily and frequently.

9. Nauseating and vomiting

Excessive waste in the blood causes the body to react. The body constantly wants to force the wastes out through every available avenue. Thus there is always the feeling of wanting to vomit and occasional vomiting.  The individual starts to wake up, feeling sick, nauseating, and gradually loose weight. The stomach also gives a full feeling when in reality it is not full. The individual feel heavy and dull.

10. Unusual pain on the side and on the legs

Some people with kidney problems suffer from back pain or side pain, a symptom that can sometimes be confused with other problems. This pain is often from one side of the leg to the other and can result in an acute pain. This pain may sometimes occur suddenly. This problem is likely to be associated with polycystic kidney disease, a disease that causes cysts to  fill the fluid in the kidneys and even in the liver. It can be very painful.

11. Poor immune system

The poor functioning of the kidneys affect the optimal functioning of all the other body organs. All these result in vulnerability for infections. This is because the immune system works less well.


Note must be taken that most people with kidney damage experience some of the symptoms above.  Many of the above effects can be easily treated or corrected. The complaints above may also be caused by other diseases.

However it is very much advisable that you see a doctor as soon as you possibly can if you see yourself having up to four of the symptoms of kidney failure as listed above.

Watch out for a follow up  article that will show you how to prevent kidney failure. Before that comes up, if you have passion for your general well-being and health then must get Trevo today as it maximally support kidney health and all organs health.

Your comments and questions are most welcome. Please share with friends and families as this might go a long way to help a person.

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Foods For Bone Health – What You Should Know

Whether it is bone health or immune system health or any other organ health, a healthy balanced diet will help very much in the present and in the future. It is by far better for you to build strong bones from an early age and maintain them throughout your life. However, no matter your age and health status, you can start the journey of good foods for bone health.

Often, when bone health is mentioned what normally comes to mind is: you need sufficient calcium to help strengthen your bones and vitamin D to enable your body absorbs calcium. But it takes more than just vitamin D and calcium to have a healthy bone. Many nutrients contribute to bone health, not just calcium and vitamin D.

By striving to eat a balanced diet and a variety of foods you should be able to get all the nutrients you need for healthy bones.

Rather than just listing a few foods for bone health, I think that I should let you know the nutrients your body needs for optimal bone health. Thereafter, some list will follow. Some food examples may be woven into the nutrients lists.

Essential nutrients for bone health

While vitamin D and calcium are critically essential for bone health, a number of other nutrients cannot be overlooked without gross consequences in terms of bone health.

So what nutrients are essential for bone health?

Calcium – the health of your bones largely depends on having enough calcium. This helps prevent bone fracture and osteoporosis. An average of about 700 mg – 1000 mg of calcium per day is sufficient to keep your bones healthy.

Calcium ensures that new bones are made and that the old ones are retained. It also plays important role in the functioning of the muscles.


The popular recommended sources of calcium are usually from dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese. But it should be noted that plant source of calcium are even better. Some of the non-dairy sources include broccoli, almonds, cabbage, tofu, okra, fish, soya drinks etc

Note must be taken that everybody needs calcium. Often, we are so conscious of its needs among children and the elderly.

When you fail to get enough calcium through your diet, the calcium in the blood will be gradually lost. This frees the calcium from the bones and over time will lead to bone diseases.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, in addition to calcium, plays an important role in the bone building and bone health. Vitamin D enables the intestines to absorb calcium from the diet.

More often than not, it is easier to get enough calcium than Vitamin D. Not getting enough Vitamin D also leads to weak muscles. This has many consequences including not having appropriate balancing which can cause falling.

There are two main sources of Vitamin D – the skin exposure to sunlight and the diet. The greater percentage of our Vitamin D need is gotten from exposure of the skin to sunlight.

In the elderly, the skin is less sensitive to making vitamin D even though it is most needed at this time.  Vitamin D is more necessary to balance up the biodegradation and build-up of bones.

Dietary sources of vitamin D include: meat, eggs, cheese, fatty fish, etc. The quantity of vitamin D from these sources is very small. This necessitates that Vitamin D supplements or complete-spectrum supplements such as Trevo will be necessary to maintain bone health.


Magnesium has some important functions that are relevant for bone health and recovery. For example, magnesium is needed for the production of protein, the conversion of vitamin D to an active and useful form, the production of fatty acids and the removal of toxic substances from the body. The risk of complications in bone health is reduced with the increased intake of magnesium.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps protect your cells from oxidative stress by toxic substances such as free radicals. In combination with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E, vitamin C reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. This helps maintain bone health and the health of other organs.

A number of other nutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamin A etc all work together for optimal bone health.

Best foods for bone health

In a nutshell, in order to maintain good bone health or recover from bone health disease, the following foods for bone health are your best bet.


Vegetables are relatively rich in most nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. Especially green vegetables score well among the best foods for bone health. Green vegetables should be utilized in different forms, for example, make green vegetable smoothies with kale, parsley and broccoli.

Non-green vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin are just good sources of vitamin A. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes contain a lot of vitamin C and broccoli is also a rich source of protein together with cauliflower.


Choose fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C like all citrus fruits, berries and kiwis.

Healthy fats

Healthy fats are the most effective and healthier source of energy and help with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Healthy fats are widely present in, among other foods, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil linseed oil, etc.

Take fatty fish for animal omega 3 fatty acids or choose vegetarian food supplement made from algae.

High quality proteins

High quality protein sources containing as many essential amino acids as possible are: fish, eggs, lean meat such as chicken, oatmeal, sunflower seeds, quinoa, buckwheat and legumes. Whey protein powder is one of the highest quality protein sources and therefore a very effective source of protein or foods for bone health.

Note that when you eat a lot of meat, you may give your body a lot of proteins with a large amount of sulfur amino acids, which increases the amount of calcium eliminated via the urine. This is unhealthy for the bones. When you eat vegetable proteins, the effect may be much less or absent. Therefore you must be careful and keep your meat consumption under control.


Liver contains a lot of iron. Good vegetable sources for iron include chickpeas, beans, beets, dried apricots, etc.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds, among other nutrients, are good sources of magnesium. Almonds are good examples.


For optimal bone health, supplementing your diet is important. I normally will recommend Trevo! Why? Trevo is a unique and complete-spectrum food supplement that is made from 174 best ingredients from around the globe. This completely removes guess work as to what your body needs.

Trevo boasts of 13 essential vitamins,14 minerals, 58 plants and sea trace minerals, 24 exotic and garden fruits, 18 sea and land vegetables, 5 green superfoods, 25 herbs, plant-source essential fatty acids, 1000 mg of marine grade coral calcium complex, Co –enzyme Q10, as well as fulvic acid.

With this rich composition, it supports the health of all your body organs such as bones, eyes, immune, cardiovascular etc. For more on Trevo and how to get it at a discounted price visit this site or contact me.

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