How To Prevent Kidney Failure


How to prevent kidney failure is a subject matter everyone that cares for his well-being cannot toy with. This is because conventional medicine has no cure for chronic kidney disease. Treatment usually consists of measures to help control signs and symptoms, reduce complications, and slow progression of the damage. If your kidneys become severely damaged, you may need treatment for end-stage kidney disease. This is not cheap nor safe. Also the risk is not palatable. This makes it necessary that you must not play ignorance on how to prevent kidney failure.

In the United States, Kidney disease is the 9th leading causes of death. About 31 million people in the United States (10% of the adult population) have chronic kidney disease (CKD.)

In many other countries, the situation is worse. It is particularly worse in the African countries.

Kidney failure is in many cases a consequence of a number of factors. These include genetic, environmental and lifestyle. But you should keep in mind that healthy living and eating habits can reduce the risk of suffering from this dangerous disease to negligible. So let us get down to the business of how to prevent kidney failure.

In a nutshell, avoid overweight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, take a walk of at least 20 minutes daily and take care of a good diet in the following ways:

Avoid red meat

Avoid red meat (and generally all kinds of animal proteins) .Gradually eliminating meat completely may be the best thing you do for your kidneys and for yourself.

Avoid dairy

Less dairy is also one of the important tips on how to prevent kidney failure. About 30% of all people are allergic to dairy, usually without knowing it themselves.

Yogurt and dairy drinks that would improve your intestinal flora are nothing but smart marketing tricks to let you buy the product. High milk consumption even increases the risk of bone fractures. Dairy is healthy from an economic perspective only. Leave it for what it is and get your calcium from vegetables and fruit.

Avoid sugar and carbonated drinks

Reduce the labor you give to the kidneys by avoiding carbonated and sugar-sweetened beverages (the kidneys are having a lot of trouble in processing these drinks).

Sugar degrades many processes in your body.  Sugar exists in many appearances and you will find it in soft drinks, juices, candy, cake, fruit bars, sweetened dairy desserts, candy bars and processed cereals. Sugar is added in many processed foods. You often get it unnoticed. You must minimize these various means of sugar consumption if you are serious on how to prevent kidney failure.

Avoid tobacco, coffee and alcohol

According to Dr Murray Epstein, in his article Alcohol’s Impact on Kidney Function, “alcohol directly affects the kidney by altering the form and structure of this pair of organs as demonstrated by various animal studies”.


Aspire to drink more than two liters of water a day.

Let nothing substitute water in your life. Never allow your body to go dehydrated. Water helps the kidneys to optimize its functions.

Increase vegetables intake

Increase your daily dose of vegetables and fruits.  Vegetables are richer in minerals which are essential for the kidneys and other organs to function well. Fruits are richer in vitamins which are also vital for the organs to operate optimally.

Minimize cooking any food that can be eaten raw. Even mild cooking quickly destroys water soluble vitamins. This is important tip on how to prevent kidney failure must not be taken light if you truly desire a healthy kidney.

Minimize single carbohydrates

Single carbohydrates are very similar sugar. Therefore, avoid single (refined) carbohydrates or minimize them.

You can find them in white rice, white pasta, white bread, but also in brown bread from the supermarket. Single carbohydrates cause huge fluctuations in your blood sugar levels and in your insulin level and usually result in huge hunger bumps. This is very unhealthy for the kidneys. Ultimately, this leads to overeating and overweight. A situation that must be avoided by anyone interested on how to prevent kidney failure.

This is particularly necessary if your activity level is low.

Bread is packed with many calories and there is a chance that you will not use it. If you do not get involved with many activities, the excess calories is stored as fat.


Exercise daily

Moderate exercise daily is a body fat burner. When you exercise sufficiently and regularly, your body uses your fat reserves as an energy source.

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A healthy kidney is possible. None of the tips on how to prevent kidney failure is really very difficult to follow. Today is the best day to start the journey that will keep your kidney healthy.

Uche Egbuna

Uche Egbuna is author, health and wellness coach and has passion for healthy living, wellness, wealth, food, eating right. He is the author of the book: Eating Right, Your#1 Key to Healing and Health.I am passionate about seeing you enjoy wellness! Get free access now to my 14 Healthy Lifestyle Rules that will soar your health.

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