The Superiority of Trevo Over Other Food Supplements

It is very clear that all the fingers are not equal. This being the case, it should not be difficult for anyone to believe that all the food supplements are not equal. The superiority of Trevo over other food supplements is not in doubt. The big question is: why is it so? The answer to that is not farfetched. There are at least four unique reasons the superiority of Trevo over other food supplements is an established fact.

Trevo as a food supplement is quite unique in a number of ways. Here are a four unique reasons why the superiority of Trevo over other food supplements is not an exaggeration.

The Unique Product

Trevo is truly unique. It boasts of 174 best natural ingredients from around the globe. This results to a complete nutrition that is in a liquid form. The pleasant taste is also in a class of its own. The super nutrients dense food supplement is the answer that we need today in order to fill the widening gap being created by nutrient depleted foods at our disposal today.

Trevo is a a skillful blend of 174 best natural ingredients made up of essential vitamins, minerals, exotic and garden fruits, sea and land vegetables, green superfoods, herbs, plant and sea trace minerals, essential fatty acids, marine grade coral calcium complex, Co –enzyme Q10, as well as fulvic acid.

The Unique Effectiveness

The complete-spectrum nutrition provided by Trevo is not questionable. Trevo superbly provides to the minutest detail every nutritional needs of the body. This implies that when you take your pleasant Trevo, all your cells, tissues, organs and systems are adequately nourished and supported.

This is the reason there is only one unique product. You do not need so many different products as is the case with many other counterparts.

This single, unique product support healthy blood sugar levels, proper body pH levels, healthy cholesterol levels, immune system health, cardiovascular health, etc. The powerful anti-aging benefit is unmatched. All these point to the superiority of Trevo over other food supplements.

The Unique Economy

Trevo is truly economical.


A few days back, I had an encounter with someone hawking some food supplements. He had a number of different samples. As we progressed in our discussions, he started mentioning some of the expensive supplements. The price he quoted for the anti- aging product of the company was two times as high as that of Trevo. The anti-aging supplement was really extra costly.

But, do you know what? The anti-aging benefit of the supplement may not be anywhere near that of Trevo.

Consider buying separately the food supplements that will support the following systems health: the digestive system health, immune system health, cardiovascular health, detoxification system health, respiratory system health, gastrointestinal system health, etc.

That is not all, what will be the cost of separate products that will provide powerful anti-aging benefits, maintain a healthy blood sugar level, promote healthy pH level, and enhance high degree of mental health and focus?

The unique number of certifications

  • ORAC

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a measure of the antioxidant capacities of different foods.

Trevo has been tested and certified by Brunswick Laboratories where it scored amazing rating of over 373,000 per bottle. This is by far above the closest rival which has a score of just 150,000.

  • Kosher

Trevo is Kosher certified! An industrial Kosher certification implies that Trevo can be consumed by everyone irrespective of religious affiliation.


Trevo is HALAL certified. When a food is HALAL certified or stamped, it implies that it is in conformity with the Muslim dietary laws. Trevo is.

  • Vegetarian

Trevo is 100% vegetarian. The implication of this is that pure vegetarians are free to take it as it is free from animal products and their derivatives.


Trevo is NAFDAC certified. This means that in Nigeria, the product is safe for consumption.

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Best Ways to Take Trevo and Enjoy Wellness

Are there best ways to take Trevo? Of course, how you take your Trevo affects its effectiveness. If taken correctly, you will notice how effective it is in supporting your general well-being. On the other hand, if wrongly taken, it would amount to waste of precious resources.

I decided to write on this topic: best ways to take Trevo because of an incidence that happened a few days ago.

I was in a car driving. In the car were some other three people, two ladies and an elderly man. One of the ladies complained of having fever. The other lady, a Trevo member, gave her a prescription on how she should take Trevo when she gets home.

Here is the prescription: “put two caps of the 2 Oz Trevo in a very hot pap and drink it. Repeat the process in the morning.”

Did you observe anything wrong with the above prescription on how to take your Trevo? The observation is not in terms of the dosage or the duration. So I ask again, did you observe anything wrong? If you did not can you go back and read it once more?

If you still do not observe anything wrong with that, then it must be because you do not appreciate the effectiveness of vitamins and minerals and under what conditions they work best. Adding Trevo in any hot beverage is not one of the best ways to take Trevo.

Going back to the above prescription, it is wrong because Trevo should not be added into hot beverages. This is because heat destroys the effectiveness of most nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. If you must add your Trevo to a beverage, you should allow the beverage to cool to room temperature. The worst that may be allowed is to allow the beverage to be mildly lukewarm.

The reason is that heat destroys most minerals and vitamins in food and renders the nutrients of the food ineffective. This is also one reason cooked foods are by far less nourishing than their raw counterpart.

Best ways to take Trevo for optimal wellness

How have you been using Trevo before now? Have you been using Trevo in hot beverages? If that is the case then you must have been experiencing only a small fraction of the great power of Trevo. That is not one of the best ways to take Trevo for optimal wellness.

I recommend taking Trevo as is and alone. If you want to enjoy it as a drink, you can dilute it to your taste with drinking water.

Better result is obtained if Trevo is taking before meal as most of the nutrients are completely absorbed by the body. However, some special circumstances may warrant that Trevo be taken after meal.

In a nut shell, best ways to take Trevo is:

  • Take your Trevo as is or diluted with water at room temperature.
  • Do not take your Trevo with any hot beverage whatsoever.

Great information on Trevo and how it can change your general wellness and lifestyle is readily available.

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Boost Your Wellness and Wealth With This Most Powerful, Revolutionary Liquid Formula

Wellness and wealth are two important areas of need in any one’s life! It is therefore needful to know how to boost your wellness and wealth. When that wellness and weath flow from a bottle, it is my thinking that you will want to find out what bottle is that and how that is possible! So if you are interested in finding out from which bottle health, wellness, wealth and even legacy flow from, you are welcome to the ride.

Introducing Trevo!

Trevo, made in the USA with 174 best ingredients from around the world, is a unique liquid food supplement that supplies ALL the nutrition that the body needs in one formula. This is a formula for general wellness!

Say Bye To Multiple Supplements

It is now time to say bye to multiple food supplements which in the long run is costlier and inconvenient to swallow several pills.

Here are some of the few possibilities from Trevo!

  • Get a great boost in your general wellness and health
  • Secure your present and future body organs against illness
  • Powerful anti-aging benefits
  • Made in the USA with 174 best ingredients from around the globe
  • Support immune system health
  • Support men’s health
  • Support excellent weight management
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Empower you to financial freedom
  • Enables the extraordinary lifestyle


3 Quick Steps To Higher General Well-being And Ultimate Productivity


Trevo 3-phase formula harmoniously works for your overall wellness by: restoring, renewing and reviving the body cells, tissues, systems and organs. How does it do this?



  1. Restoring your vital energy and mental focus naturally by stimulating your body with a countless number of powerful nutraceuticals which include superfruits, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more.

  2. Renewing your body’s systems and natural function with a proprietary, phytonutrient-rich blend of life giving-giving vegetables, sea vegetables, and fruits as well as essential fatty acids and green super foods.

  3. Reviving your body’s anti-aging and immune function support with exotic, free radical-fighting super antioxidants, powerful herbs and coral calcium complex.


Here are some testimonies

Everyone who has used Trevo has a testimony or testimonies.

“I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) while I was still a teenager. When I was first introduced to Trevo, I took it to my doctor to get his thoughts about this product. He told me that a large number of Trevo’s ingredients are known to provide powerful cellular protection as well as central nervous system support, and recommended that I try it. Today, I feel better, am able to think more clearly, and even get around better than I have in years”- Karen W


“I just got back from walking into my cardiologist check-up 50lbs lighter than my last appointment! And I am walking much faster, breathing much more freely, and my blood pressure was the best it’s been in over 12 years!

I LOVE MY TREVO! I look good too!” – Kelly S


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be energetic and vibrant again?

Unique Liquid Formula That Blows Away The Ill Feelings


Revolutionary liquid formula that contains 174 of nature’s finest nutraceutical ingredients from around the globe allows you to live a vibrant life that you are meant to. This is because good nutrition is the major key to a healthy, fuller life.


Currently, like majority of the people, you may probably be having some health challenges which is just the order of the day. This may also be costing money, time, inconvenience both to you and the people taking care of you.


All these are simply the result of the nutrient depleted diets that we are all challenged with. The truth be told, no matter how well you want to eat now, you CANNOT get all the nutrients that your body needs from the nutrients-depleted foods that surrounds us.


Skyrockets Wellness Potential


Did you know that it is possible to have a completely normal blood pressure?


Did you know that it is possible to be completely free from all the common issues that result from poor body immune system and poor nutrition?

All these mean better, healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Trevo Gives You Complete Support


Trevo gives you full support all the way! It gives your body the complete spectrum of nutrients it needs for optimum health.


Trevo Support


  • A wonderful sense of general well-being
  • Healthy cholesterol level
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Healthy anti-aging
  • Healthy body pH level
  • Digestive system health


There is no time you need Trevo more than now and in order to get it at a discounted rate:





Trevo does not only empower your wellness and that of your family, it also

Empowers your Dreams

Trevo gives you opportunity for the extraordinary lifestyle.












With the Trevo network, you don’t need only to just dream but you can go ahead and empower your dream.

At Trevo You Can Live The Life That You Choose!

Almost everyone dreams of a life of abundance and prosperity. Unfortunately, that is where it all ends for majority of the people.

But Trevo helps:

  • Fulfill your dreams
  • Transform your life
  • Put the style back into your life
  • You live the extraordinary life of freedom
  • Position you for success


Dare now to choose the Trevo extraordinary lifestyle of your choice now!


Trevo Offers You A Number Of Different Ways To Make Real Money!

Trevo offers you a great opportunity to change your lifestyle through a number of ways it has provided for you to make money through it. These include:

  • Up to 25% Retail Profit
  • Up to 40% Power Start Commissions
  • Up to 20% Matching Bonuses
  • 8 levels of Group Volume Commission
  • 4 levels of Bulk Pack Commission
  • Recognition Commission
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Charity Bonuses





Trevo Helps You Create Unparalleled

Residual Income

Passive income is very sweet. You work once and you continue getting returns for a long time or for life. That is what Trevo offers you. Work now and earn for life. This is the business model of the rich. You too can benefit from it. You need not work all your life or go broke as soon as you stop working.


Trevo Different AutoShip Programs help ensure you enjoy unparalleled residual income.


More Testimonies

Here are a few more testimonies of how Trevo has impacted the lives of some participants


“Trevo has given me an amazing lifestyle of both financial and time freedom. It has changed my life from zero to hero and ordinary to extraordinary”- Abiodun M.



“I love seeing the expressions on people’s faces when they realize that Trevo can and will empower their dreams. It is easy to be committed to and excited about Trevo because I believe in the company, the product, and its founders.” –Olufemi S



The Adventure Time Starts Now!

Having seen the fantastic wellness and wealth, as well as the lifestyle changing income opportunities, the question now is, what are you waiting for?

If you have a dream, you should live it. However, whether you get to live that dream or not is determined by what you decide to do now. What you chose now either takes you farther away or closer to your dream. Imagine what financial freedom can mean to you now! Imagine what it will mean for your children and parents.

Also imagine a life of super abundant wellness! Does that mean much to you? It is super exciting to have only one product super supporting all your organs.


Deliver Your Dreams From Being Just Daydreams

Take action now! You have nothing to lose. Let loose your joy and passion now and join us now. Let loose your passion and prosperity and join the multi- billion dollar brand now.  Now is the time!

Trevo … meet you on the side of vibrant wellness and liberating financial freedom.

Enroll Now

And say bye to ordinary lifestyle of health and wealth challenges.

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What Is Trevo And Do You Really Need It?

When I first heard of Trevo on November 19, 2016, the question that immediately popped up in mind was: what is Trevo? I guess I am not alone in that question, because your reading may be as a result that you have also asked yourself the question: what is Trevo?

So I will proceed now to answer the question, what is Trevo, in a little detail. What Trevo is not will also be given. Thereafter, I will proceed to show if you actually need it.

What is Trevo Really?

Trevo can be defined from two perspectives, from the perspective of its health benefits (resulting from the constituents or make up); and also from the perspective of its wealth benefits (the business opportunities from it). Simply put, Trevo can be explained from the wellness and prosperity perspectives.

From the health perspective, Trevo is a unique and pleasant-tasting blend of all the best ingredients needed by the human body in a liquid form that offers a complete nutrition in the truest sense of it.

So what is Trevo?

“Trevo is a masterful blend of essential vitamins, minerals, exotic and garden fruits, vegetables and sea vegetables, herbs, green super foods, plants and sea trace minerals, plant-source essential fatty acids, amino acids, marine grade coral calcium complex, Co-enzyme Q10, and fulvic acid.”


Trevo is unmatched liquid formulation made from 174 natural ingredients from the four corners of the globe. The result is a complete nutrition in a liquid form that is highly absorbable.

It is completely free from animal products and its derivatives.

This super-nutrition formula is readily available to everyone who desires general wellness that is manifest in the form of natural energy and vibrant health.

From the prosperity or business opportunity perspective, Trevo is a network marketing business that empowers its participants to an extra-ordinary lifestyle through its unmatched compensation plan.

There are at least 8 ways to make money with the Trevo network opportunity. It also offers a good opportunity to leave a legacy behind.

When someone truly desires an extra-ordinary lifestyle of financial freedom, the opportunity is limitless and adequately provided for by the Trevo network marketing. Beyond the sky is the limit for whoever is willing to commit to it.

In a nut shell, Trevo is

  • A blend of 174 best ingredients that provide all the nutrients the body needs
  • A unique, pleasant-tasting liquid formula offering complete nutrition
  • A nutrient-dense formula that restore, renew and revive your body
  • A platform that enables an extra-ordinary lifestyle of financial freedom


Having briefly explained what Trevo is, it is important to make mention of what Trevo is not. This will also be mentioned from both the wellness and prosperity perspectives.

What Trevo Is Not

From the wellness perspective, Trevo is not:


  • A liquid multivitamins product
  • It is not a fruit drink
  • It is not an energy drink

From the business opportunity point of view, Trevo is not:

  • A get rich-quick scam
  • A means of wealth for the lazy
  • A means of robbing Peter to pay Paul
  • A means of wealth for the Lazy

Do You Really Need Trevo?

Having tried to answer the question, what is Trevo, the next question is do you really need Trevo? In other words, is Trevo necessary for you?

The answer to the above question is a big yes.


The nutrient-deficient diets that are common place everywhere now in the world make us not have the truly balanced nutrients that our bodies need. The result of this is the inability of the cells to thrive in wellness which results in the many diseases and sicknesses that are prevalent everywhere.

Trevo, by providing the complete nutrition that the body needs, empowers the body to function optimally. When this happens, the body, which is equipped to heal itself under appropriate conditions will be very healthy.

So whether you are apparently healthy now or challenged one way or the other, you need Trevo on daily basis.


I believe by now the question: what is Trevo has been answered. Trevo is unique in its wellness and wealth propensities. It is unmatched in its broad spectrum nutrition as well as unparallel compensation business opportunity; a combination that leads to the Trevo extra-ordinary life style of financial freedom and vibrant healthy life. I choose to embrace such a life, what about you?

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