True Health Is Your Number One Responsibility


Is true health possible in the present day that is already almost overtaken by every manner of imaginable disease? The answer is yes! But for that to be there is a price to pay for it. This is because your true health is your number one responsibility.

If presently you are enjoying a reasonable degree of true health, you must guard it jealously! It can be volatile.

Is Experience Always the Best Teacher?

For a number of people, experience is the best teacher. Are you one of the people that think so? Experience being the best teacher is meant for people who are not very smart. Smart people do not wait for experience to teach them.

Why should anyone wait to suffer from diabetes before he will learn from the experience? Why should anyone wait to suffer from cancer or heart attack before he will learn from the experience?

Smart people prefer to learn from what happens or happened to others. To enjoy true health, it is better to learn from what happened or is happening to others. Part of the goal here is to learn the smart way to keep your health.

The Current True Health Situation

The current true health situation is not encouraging at all. Diseases are on the increase on daily basis. New and strange sicknesses, not known a few years back, are rapidly on the increase.

Now these facts may appall you!

The World Health organization makes us know that “unsafe food” is responsible for more than 200 disease conditions.

The world wide death toll from diabetes in 2012 was 1.5 million. This does not include the number of people who die of high blood glucose, sometimes referred to as “pre-diabetic condition”. If these people are included, the number rises to about 3.7 million. This translates to more than ten thousand people per day.

Over 500 million people have diabetes!

More than 35 million people are living with HIV/AIDS

More than 600 million people are living with high blood pressure in America and nearly 2 billion the world over.

In Africa, about 2 out of every 3 adults have high blood pressure.

Cancer, diabetes, heart/ cardiovascular diseases, kidneys and renal failures, which previously were more prevalent in the developed countries, are now even worse in the developing countries.

Worst still, these non communicable diseases have no discrimination. They affect the old as well as the young. The working class is not exonerated. Neither the professor nor doctor is exonerated. These diseases do not show much discrimination between the rich and the poor, between the educated and the illiterate.

The situation is even more severe in low and medium-income countries.  Most of the non communicable diseases that are preventable in developed countries will kill as much as 80% of those affected in the low –income countries. For example, while cervical cancer can majorly be prevented in developed countries, it is the leading cause of death in women in Africa. Similar result holds for leukemia and a number of other non communicable diseases.

The Cause Of The Ugly Situation

A number of factors are responsible for the present ugly circumstances.

Is it not surprising that despite phenomenal improvement in technology and numerous improved gadgets in the home that the health of the man did not improve with it?


Most diseases can be prevented!

The present ugly situation is a good indicator that something is definitely not working fine. What could that be?

There has been a mass departure from the food intended for man. Man has continuously invented “food” for himself. This has in turn caused the cells of the body not to function optimally nor reproduce healthy cells for replenishments. This spells the beginning of diseases.

Everything you need for optimal health in one unified information platform

The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the exercise we do or fail to do, the way we sleep, hereditary factors etc play a big role in the overall health of any individual. Valuable information on most of these will be available on this site.


Of all the factors for optimal health, food has a lot of role to play in the health of man. The World Health Organization attests to this fact when it says that unsafe food is responsible for more than 200 diseases.

The two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling correctly noted that: “Nearly all disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency.”

Safe food and eating right as part of the solution to the looming health crises will be a major part of this website.

Unfortunately, eating right is difficult now. Why? A number of factors are responsible. First and most important is the fact that the foods available at our disposal now have most of their nutrients depleted or modified.

Second, the over processed food currently prevalent cannot boast of nutrients sufficient to sustain the health of the man.

Third, the method of preparing the food most often destroys whatever nutrient that remains in the food.

These factors and a number of others make it difficult for the body to get sufficient nutrients necessary to keep it operating in optimal health.

Since prevention is better, safer and cheaper than cure, preventive information and measures on a number of common ailments will be common place. The goal is to provide all the information necessary to equip you for wellness, true health and vibrant life.


The importance of exercise for your overall optimal health cannot be overemphasized. You cannot experience optimal health without it. It goes a long way to keep you fit.


Maintaining a healthy weight is of extreme importance if you want to enjoy optimal health.  Overweight is highly unhealthy and is linked to a number of diseases. Only an insignificant number of people know that the second preventable leading cause of cancer is overweight.

Information on healthy weight management will be part of the goal of this site.


Most of the foods available to us today are nutrients-depleted. The over processed foods currently prevalent everywhere lack sufficient nutrients to sustain the health of the man.

Also, the methods of preparing the foods most often destroy whatever nutrients that remain in the food.

This is where TREVO comes in for everyone that loves his or her health and wants to secure it against future devastation.

I am passionate about this unique revolutionary formula that appears to be the key to health in the present ugly health circumstances that we presently find ourselves.

Trevo has great potential to keep you healthy!

It also has the great potential to make you wealthy through its networking activities.

The Urgent Need

The near catastrophic level of sicknesses that is presently the case can be avoided. Unfortunately, majority of what is responsible for such a terrible state result from what we eat. There is the urgent need to provide all the information necessary to equip you for wellness, true health and vibrant life.

Unless urgent action is taken, the already horrible situation will worsen. Unfortunately, there is nothing suggesting that an urgent action will be taken any time soon.

THEREFORE, you must wake up to your responsibility.

True health is every individual’s personal responsibility. Your doctor, cook, wife or husband, father or mother does not owe you the responsibility to live healthy.


We can do something! We cannot afford to fold our hands and just keep watching. That will be simply suicidal. In addition to what the national and international communities are doing, we can’t afford to fold our hands.

So what can we do?

So much!

We must get informed. Knowledge is power when appropriately applied. If not applied, it is as useless as not having it at all.

We must be willing to unlearn and re-learn. We have been terribly deceived by the media.

A good example is in the case of cigarette smoking. It has not been really long that the bill boards will tell us that “smokers are liable to die young”.  If cigarette smoking causes about 1 in every 5 deaths in the United States each year, then the big question is: why the extensive advertisement of what is sure to harm and even kill people? I think the deceit is clear. The billion dollar industries must be sustained!

But you have a choice to make. That choice begins with getting informed.

After getting informed, you must take action. There must be a change in lifestyle. Eating right, sleeping right, exercising right, and right relationships are important milestones in this journey.

Will you be willing to start the journey now? If yes, then delve into the site for valuable information.

Uche Egbuna

Uche Egbuna is author, health and wellness coach and has passion for healthy living, wellness, wealth, food, eating right. He is the author of the book: Eating Right, Your#1 Key to Healing and Health.I am passionate about seeing you enjoy wellness! Get free access now to my 14 Healthy Lifestyle Rules that will soar your health.

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