Alive Vitamins And Dead Vitamins: What You Should Know

Alive Vitamins And Dead Vitamins: What You Should Know!

Some vitamins are extremely cheap while some are costly. Have you ever stopped to wonder why this is so? What is the basic difference? Alive vitamins are definitely different from synthetic, artificial and natural but dead vitamins.

Just like most other things, all vitamin supplements are not created equal. Unfortunately, a large part of the public is not aware that this is the case. As a result, they just demand for vitamins and get vitamins. However, the vitamins they get may not be beneficial to them if it is not alive vitamins.

You may have had a knock-off experience with some products. The product looks just like the real thing, but is of poor quality and ineffective. As a result, they are often far cheaper. This same happens in the vitamin market.

Some vitamins and multivitamins sold in stores have little to no nutritional value. Essentially, there are three types of vitamins. Depending on what kind of vitamin you choose, it will determine whether you are benefiting from all those pills you are swallowing.

The human body has a certain amount of nutrients it needs every day to maintain good health. Just like a truck runs on gas, we live of the food that we eat. The food is our source of energy and maintenance. However, when you give your body food that is poor in nutritional value, it’s just like putting plain lead-free fuel in a jet engine. That’s just not the octane number available to it to perform well.

To keep the body healthy we need give it all the nutrients it needs. Because the food we eat rarely meets these needs, it is a good idea to take a multivitamin supplement. But how do you know if your multi-vitamin actually delivers what your body needs or what it claims? This will largely depend on the type of vitamin that you consume.

Synthetic, Natural, and Alive vitamins


There are three types of vitamins available to the consumer: synthetic, natural, and alive vitamins.

Synthetic Vitamins
Synthetic vitamins results basically from the attempt of man to replicate in the laboratory what God has made available in the real world. Man is yet to master the replicating process. As a result such vitamins are not very useful nutritionally. They are relatively very cheap. That’s why you see them with the low price tags in the local store or super market.

Unfortunately, they are more in demand because they are readily affordable. They are also much more profitable to the manufacturers and the distributors. The one person that fails to profit from this type of vitamin is the consumer.

Natural Vitamins

A vitamin may be real and 100% natural and yet not nutritionally valuable. This is usually the case when the vitamins are dead. The nutrients are destroyed in the production process. This leads to cheaper production. Such vitamins have almost no nutritional value when packed.

Here is a simple illustration. If you squeeze some orange juice into a pan, then boil the water and pack it in a pill, you should have 100% natural vitamin C. But the process of boiling it killed the nutrients. In fact the nutrients start to die long before the water starts to evaporate.

Getting natural and alive vitamins largely depends on the production procedure and process. Compromised or cheap production technology or the desire to maximize profit is what usually leads to such vitamins.

Alive Vitamins

Alive vitamins or live vitamins are what you need to keep your eyes open for. These are completely natural and are packaged without heating or killing of the nutrients. Live vitamins are the next best thing to eat after fresh fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, they are much more expensive to produce, so they cost far more than their counterparts.

It’s important to keep in mind that although it may be tempting to deal with a cheaper vitamin, you simply waste your money if you do not have live vitamins.

Alive Vitamins and Availability

Live vitamins are rarely sold in big supermarkets or drug stores. This is because synthetic and natural vitamins are sold at less than half of the price. And since the general public is unaware of the difference, they are attracted to the vitamins of low prices. The effect is that it will take a long while before they will sell the real, live vitamins.

To find the quality vitamins that your body needs, it takes looking out for it. But they are there! A large variety of alive vitamins are readily available at .

The best complete spectrum supplement that I recommend is Trevo. A great research went into making it a unique product that satisfies all the nutritional needs of the body. Trevo is the answer to the nutritional gap that exist in today’s world where our food is nutrient depleted.

For more information, follow the link below. More quality vitamins such as from . can be accessed from the

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Reno Omokri Facts Versus Fiction – Secrets to being a best-seller

It is often rare that a book becomes a best-seller in less than 24 hours after release.  But that is exactly what happened with Reno Omokri Facts Versus Fiction.

Facts Versus Fiction: The True Story of the Jonathan Years, Chibok, 2015 and the Conspiracies which is written by Reno Omokri is a master piece.

The Rankings of Reno Omokri Facts Versus Fiction


This master piece became one of the best-sellers in less than 24 hours of release! Within this period, it ranked first ten in three different categories. Here are the wonderful rankings:

#6 Best Sellers in U.S. Congresses, Senates & Legislative

#9 Best Sellers in Church & State Religious Studies

#9 Best Sellers in History of Religion & Politics

In less than 48 hours, it ranked

#4 in global bestseller rankings in the political books category

And finally ranked

#1 in the category of New Releases in International Business & Investing


At this rate it is expected that it will rank #1 in global best-seller in no distant time. In fact that may be happening now as I am writing this. I may have to go back to Amazon to get updated! This is a good indicator that you get rewarded for good quality input as is evident in the book.

What is the Secret to the Fast Rankings of Reno Omokri Facts Versus Fiction ?


The fast rankings are almost incredible. They are phenomenal. This is why it is become important to ask why the astronomical rankings? What is the secret to this extraordinary rankings?  A number of reasons are responsible for this.

  1. No stone was left upturned to get at the truth. This is because only the truth is good enough.

The amount of investigation that went into ensuring that the book is truly factual was much. It is of utmost importance that it should not be another one of the many fictions.


  1. The play of power, manipulation, impunity and propaganda from various internal and external quarters has been one-sided. Many rational people will want to hear from the other source where possible. The Reno Omokri Facts Versus Fiction provided the much needed opportunity to hear the other ‘version’ of the stories.
  2. There is still reward for good work and quality output. I have come to appreciate recently that hard work is good if it leads to a quality output. A lot of hard work went into making Reno Omokri Facts Versus Fiction a quality product. This means the information is reliable and trustworthy.
  3. From a million mile away, people can differentiate malicious propaganda. Whether they are able or helpless in letting you know that they can distinguish between truth and fallacy is a different!
  4. 5. The hand of God is there! This may supersede all the explanations above! Why? There are people that have researched and their work ended not achieving much. Considering the amount of pressure and propaganda mounted even in the stages of investigations, not many people would have expected such rise overnight.

Everyone interested in the recent politics of Nigeria should read this book. I therefore join GEJ in his call that the entire world should get a copy of this book not just for the shelves but for a quick read.

Here is his call:

  “Order a copy today to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about my administration. I endorse this book. What you may have thought before now will change when you read the facts presented with evidence in this book. No matter how far falsehood has traveled, the truth in this book will overtake it” –Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

So friend, go get your own copy of Reno Omokri’s Facts Versus Fiction. You, too, need to know the facts!

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Get More Done and Get Healthier in the Process

Do you want to get more done? I do, on daily basis! Would you want to get healthier even while getting more done?  Understanding and applying this one principle will help you get to these goals quickly.

Just recently, I desired that a day should have been up to 30 hours! Have you ever had such a desire? I guess that that must be the desire of everyone that at one time or the other had to battle with not achieving all that the heart desired for the day.

On a second thought, however, I also thought that if 24 hours was not enough for me, then 30 hours will not also be. At that point I may be wishing that it should be 48 hours and so on.

The thoughts set me up for more thinking.

I wondered why some people are achieving much more than I am doing. I also considered that some people will be wondering why I am achieving more than they are currently doing.

The one important principle that will help you get more done

The thoughts made me conclude that the different levels of achievements for different people depend on how they understand the Pareto principle and apply it.

The Pareto principle, sometimes also referred to as the 80/20 rule, states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Pareto developed both concepts in the context of the distribution of income and wealth among the population. This principle applies in almost all aspects of life – health, business, relationships, wealth etc. The converse of the principle also applies.

The few people who fully understand this principle and APPLY it are definitely ahead of those who know of the principle only as theory. As far as this principle is concerned, I see 3 categories of people. These are:

  1. Those that understand the principle and apply it religiously
  2. Those that know of the principle but do not see the need to, or know not how to apply it


  1. Those who do not know about the principle and so have nothing to do with it.

Whether the 24 hours is enough for you or not depends on the category that you fall into. Usually, the second and third categories belong to the same class.

Whether you are getting more done or not depends on the class you belong to.

Those in the first category start the day with the 20% of the task that gives them the 80% result of the day’s activities. By the end of the day, they have achieved more while apparently seeming to work less. For example, fixing a faulty fan will not give you the same result as writing a marketing email.

On the other hand, those in the second category start the day with 80% of their task that gives them only 20% result. These people work more and achieve less. They keep shifting the most important tasks possibly out of fear or ignorance.

Identifying the 20% that gives you 80% result in order to get more done

In order to get more done, you need to identify the 20% of your activities that give a whopping 80% result and start off your day with them. This way, you are sure to get more done.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the people, which used to include me, start the day with the less important 80% activities. In the end they have labored more but drastically achieved much less.

To get more done, you will need to carefully plan ahead. It is by planning that you will be able to identify the 20% of your activities that critically and separate them from the 80% that gets you less result.

Planning the day, week, month and year ahead of their arrival is an essential strategy to get more done. For me, I currently get the next day planned in the last hour before going to bed.

For you, what are the 20% of your activities that contribute the 80% of the results in your health, business, family and relationships? You do not need to guess! If you are not sure then you need to take your time to identify them because it is the foundation that enables you to get more done.

Get More Done and Get Healthier Applying the Pareto Principle

Maybe you need to stop, sit down and get the foundation right, even now. This is the starting point of a new dawn in getting more done and getting healthier in the process.


Not being able to separate this critical 20% in the area of your health, marriage, business etc has resulted in ugly consequences. For example, it has led to the shattering of the health of many people. It has resulted in shattered dreams and marriages. It has led to sons and daughters being estranged to their parents. The consequences are much as the list can go on.

As you concentrate more on the more important 20%, you will find that you will be less prone to stress which is a silent killer.

It is not yet late to get started all over. Many will never even start. For them they see their lack of productivity and ill-health as resulting from one external influence or the other.

Starting right away to reorganize yourself will be a great way to get more done starting today. It is a sure way to get going on the path of health. Let the Pareto principle be a check that will guide you to always get more done. See you on the side of health and productivity.

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Weight Loss Puzzle Solved For You

So many people are struggling to manage their weight without much success. You may be one of such people. This is mainly because many of such people do not understand the secret behind weight loss.

The number one secret to weight loss is that you must first understand what gives you weight.Otherwise you may end up frustrated like many people are. i am so sure that you don’t want that happening to you.

It is important to note that the causes for being overweight vary from person to person. Factors such as genetics, environmental, food intake, metabolism and differing levels of exercises play roles in being overweight. However, food intake plays the major role in being overweight. If that is well taken care of, all the other factors are minor.

Are you willing to discover the vital key to the weight loss puzzle? So many people have given up on the need to manage their weight effectively because of the numerous frustrations and lack of progress.

But if you are overweight, you need not struggle any more. You need not give up! Why? You only need to find the easy way to solve the weight problem. This is very important because of the numerous issues and dangers associated with being overweight.

Dangers of Overweight

Overweight has a lot of health implications. Far gone are the days that overweight or obesity is associated with affluence.

Overweight is the second leading cause of cancer. Diabetes is associated with overweight. Overweight is linked to high blood pressure. Its role in the frequent cases of liver and kidney failures cannot be over emphasized. In fact, overweight is associated with most non communicable diseases (NCDs).

Weight Loss Puzzle Finally Solved without Further Struggles

Managing your weight can be a real struggle because good nutrition is essentially very difficult to achieve in today’s hectic world of fast food and nutritionally-empty snacks. Yet it is really important to note that without good nutrition, weight loss can be extremely difficult to achieve and maintain.

Apart from the underestimated damaging effect of processed foods, the apparent preferred eating on the go, the apparent being too busy to plan healthful meals and yet having abundant time for frivolities like watching TV, there are other reasons people all over the world do not seem to eat the right things.

Our bodies are daily screaming for micronutrients, macronutrients and phytonutrients that are largely absent from our daily food supply. The result is that we keep on eating and eating in an attempt to give our bodies the necessary nutrients that it needs, but can never seem to get because it is simply not available. This in turn leads to frequent overeating and consequently, the accumulation of fat deposits in the body which results in overweight. For many people, therefore, losing weight is simply a mirage.

This is where the super-nutrition of Trévo comes into the picture in a most fascinating way. By providing your body with the complete-spectrum nutrition that it needs, you will definitely discover that you feel fuller for a longer while. This is because the body gets satisfied when it

gets all the micronutrients, macronutrients and phytonutrients that it needs. The result is that those cravings that had previously sabotaged your weight management efforts no longer have a grip on your life. This will mean that the body stops getting in all the junks that simply convert to fat.

Are you struggling with weight loss? One of the most effective and permanent solution to it is to use Trevo as a balanced food replacement particularly in the morning. This not only leads to weight loss without stress or struggles, but at the same time gives you bonus in the form of support to a normal blood pressure health, immune system health, most powerful anti-aging system, eye health, mental focus health. Other benefits include cardiovascular health, nervous system health, bone and joint health, digestive system health.

Stop the struggles over weight loss. Take the sure route to weight loss.

Solve the weight loss puzzle once and for all. Lose that unnecessary weight the smart and easy way.

Note that you can get Trevo at a good discounted price by becoming a member of the Trevo family. It is easy to join.

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Streams Of Income Ideas You Can Chose From

I was chatting with a friend yesterday morning and he asked what business I do. I responded by telling him that I am an affiliate marketer. He wondered what affiliate marketing was. That was the point at which I decided that writing on multiple streams of income ideas you can choose from as a means of empowerment will be a good idea.

The global economy is on the down turn. Inflation is on the increase globally. What is the effect?

You may be among the 95% of the world population badly affected by the rising cost of living.

Inflation greatly raises the cost of living making it very difficult for the great majority of the people to cope with real living.

As a result of the difficulties the working population has one of three options to choose from.

  1. Reduce the standard of living to match their income. This is the popular option and yet the worst. Here people resign their lives to fate. This results in not really living but merely existing as such people give up what they love to do.
  2. Resort to borrowing in order to partially meet up with the most basic standard of living that is manageable.

The people in this group are worse off as they will never read out aloud to you the woes, sorrows and burden they pass through with borrowing and owing.

  1. Increase household revenue.

This is the smarter option but least followed by the people that actually needed it. Finding a flexible way to additional streams of income is the smart way for people with open mind. It is the path traversed by the less fearful and yet careful.

Increasing household revenue will mean finding some ways of getting some passive income or choosing from some other possible streams of income. In the choice of list given below, I simply assumed that you have no in debt knowledge of making money online. Otherwise you may not be interested in this article.

I will explain three areas you may wish to explore to increase or add other streams of income. The reason for the three chosen below are based on the fact that they are relatively easy to do whether you are new or experienced in the online business world. Another reason is that they are proven method of income generation. Yet another reason is that I have a little experience in these three. They are all streams of income for me.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This is relatively easy to do. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which an individual chose to promote the product of another company or individual for a commission. You can sign up to promote certain products or services on your blog or website, and in return you will be paid either a flat commission or a percentage of the amount of the sale concluded.

For this to work well and be one of the reasonable streams of income, the following are the basic requirements:

  1. Blog or website
  2. Affiliate account with the company you are promoting their account.
  3. Regular content to promote the product.
  4. Means of generating traffic to the blog or website.

In affiliate marketing, when the necessary factors such as keyword, on page and off page SEO are done well, your pay cheque will be literally fat.

A number of websites are very popular for their affiliate programs. Such websites include Amazon, ClickBank, JVZoo etc. Amazon is among the most popular and is very new bie- friendly.

  1. Network Marketing – Network marketing, or multi-level marketing, is increasingly becoming popular. So many companies are involved in the networking business.

. You can earn a reasonable passive income through network marketing by building a community or team underneath you. Once you have a large team you can earn commissions off of their sales without having to do much work repeatedly.


What to Consider Before Joining a Network

In order to profit maximally, there are a number of factors to consider before joining  a network marketing organization or company. If these considerations are ignored, it may mar the effort to make it one of your streams of income a failure. These are:

  1. Interest.

You must first consider whether you have interest in the product that the company is networking on. This is very important if the person must be sustained in the networking business.

2. How valuable is the product?

This is an important consideration. The company will progress faster if the product is value to a large number of people.

This means that if a company has no product or services, it will likely not go far. In fact, I consider such companies as scammers. You should beware of such companies.

3. How essential is the product?

A product is considered essential if it is not just for luxury. Products and services that relate to health, wealth, food, shelter, and clothing may be considered essential.

4. How reliable is the company

Some companies are known for shady deals and cutting corners, for example, evading tax. Such companies will also cut corners when dealing with you. If your commission becomes too much, they will find a way to short change you.

5. Company history

Have they had incriminating case in some counties? Are they debt free? Have they cases pending in the courts? These are important considerations that will help you distinguish between scammers and genuine network marketers.

Network marketing, when done well, can give you a lifestyle that is extraordinary.Bill Gates is a network marketer and he was the richest man in the world for a number of years. I have network marketing friends that make between 12 – 15 million naira every month.

Trevo is one of the networking companies of consequence. The only product that they produce and market is a unique supplement that is in hot demand the world over. Its compensation plan is such that you have an open cheque before you.

Trevo highest earner in Nigeria takes home nothing less than 9 million naira every month. Not even all the politicians in Nigeria get that kind of money. If you are willing to network with the big boys and girls, here is the next billion dollar brand that you can join today. Since joining it on December 13, 2016, I have received our bank alerts all of them 5 figures. I hope that soon it will rise to 6 and then 7 figures that I aim at before 18 months time .

So making Trevo as one of your streams of income today is wise option. Now is the best time to join the next billion dollar brand. and of course, I will be there to take you by the hand so that together we will be healthier and wealthier. Who is ready?

Publish  and Sell an eBook Online – Self Publishing is increasingly becoming popular everyday.  Quite a large number of the books on Amazon are self-published. Self -publishing is also relatively very easy and cheap.

You will not appreciate how easy this can be until you have given it a trial.

Self-publishing a book requires that you will first write and edit it the book, create a cover for it, and then upload to a program such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Like most businesses, you should not expect instant success. There will need to be a lot of upfront work in terms of marketing before you can turn this into a passive income stream. Will you add self-publishing as one of your streams of income?


Adding another stream of income to your income is so important for anyone that will not go a begging or living ordinarily. Procrastination is not healthy. Make a choice of which of these three streams of income to add to your income and start working on it. After the two seminars I have today, I am adding an affiliate marketing website as part of my gift to myself on this special day of Ides of March 2017.

Of course,  I expect that will have questions and challenges along this journey. I will be available to answer them. Just leave your comments and questions on the comments section or use the contact form to reach me.


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The Superiority of Trevo Over Other Food Supplements

It is very clear that all the fingers are not equal. This being the case, it should not be difficult for anyone to believe that all the food supplements are not equal. The superiority of Trevo over other food supplements is not in doubt. The big question is: why is it so? The answer to that is not farfetched. There are at least four unique reasons the superiority of Trevo over other food supplements is an established fact.

Trevo as a food supplement is quite unique in a number of ways. Here are a four unique reasons why the superiority of Trevo over other food supplements is not an exaggeration.

The Unique Product

Trevo is truly unique. It boasts of 174 best natural ingredients from around the globe. This results to a complete nutrition that is in a liquid form. The pleasant taste is also in a class of its own. The super nutrients dense food supplement is the answer that we need today in order to fill the widening gap being created by nutrient depleted foods at our disposal today.

Trevo is a a skillful blend of 174 best natural ingredients made up of essential vitamins, minerals, exotic and garden fruits, sea and land vegetables, green superfoods, herbs, plant and sea trace minerals, essential fatty acids, marine grade coral calcium complex, Co –enzyme Q10, as well as fulvic acid.

The Unique Effectiveness

The complete-spectrum nutrition provided by Trevo is not questionable. Trevo superbly provides to the minutest detail every nutritional needs of the body. This implies that when you take your pleasant Trevo, all your cells, tissues, organs and systems are adequately nourished and supported.

This is the reason there is only one unique product. You do not need so many different products as is the case with many other counterparts.

This single, unique product support healthy blood sugar levels, proper body pH levels, healthy cholesterol levels, immune system health, cardiovascular health, etc. The powerful anti-aging benefit is unmatched. All these point to the superiority of Trevo over other food supplements.

The Unique Economy

Trevo is truly economical.


A few days back, I had an encounter with someone hawking some food supplements. He had a number of different samples. As we progressed in our discussions, he started mentioning some of the expensive supplements. The price he quoted for the anti- aging product of the company was two times as high as that of Trevo. The anti-aging supplement was really extra costly.

But, do you know what? The anti-aging benefit of the supplement may not be anywhere near that of Trevo.

Consider buying separately the food supplements that will support the following systems health: the digestive system health, immune system health, cardiovascular health, detoxification system health, respiratory system health, gastrointestinal system health, etc.

That is not all, what will be the cost of separate products that will provide powerful anti-aging benefits, maintain a healthy blood sugar level, promote healthy pH level, and enhance high degree of mental health and focus?

The unique number of certifications

  • ORAC

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a measure of the antioxidant capacities of different foods.

Trevo has been tested and certified by Brunswick Laboratories where it scored amazing rating of over 373,000 per bottle. This is by far above the closest rival which has a score of just 150,000.

  • Kosher

Trevo is Kosher certified! An industrial Kosher certification implies that Trevo can be consumed by everyone irrespective of religious affiliation.


Trevo is HALAL certified. When a food is HALAL certified or stamped, it implies that it is in conformity with the Muslim dietary laws. Trevo is.

  • Vegetarian

Trevo is 100% vegetarian. The implication of this is that pure vegetarians are free to take it as it is free from animal products and their derivatives.


Trevo is NAFDAC certified. This means that in Nigeria, the product is safe for consumption.

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