10 Reasons To Join Trevo, The Next Billion Dollar Brand


Some brands grow extremely fast. This is usually the case if the brand has what is very valuable and needed by a  large number of people. These, and many others are reasons to join Trevo today.

People, who had opportunity to join such brands but neglected it, usually look back with regrets. Consider facebook, apple, google, microsoft and a number of other billion dollar brands. Most of the people that had opportunity of partnering with them when they were growing up but looked down on it would be wishing they were wiser.

Good enough, opportunities keep coming up from time to time. Another opportunity that has great potential to be better than the present billion dollar brands is here with us.

What brand is that?

Proudly introducing …


What is Trevo?

Trevo is a one-of–a-kind-product that empowers wellness and wealth. Trevo is the next billion dollar brand that anyone with business savvy must invest in today. Why? The answer will be provided shortly. The business model (network marketing) that made someone the world’s richest man for many years is definitely a good one.

Trevo, made of 174 ingredients
Trevo Food Supplement

Trevo can be explained from two perspectives – from the perspective of being a unique, extremely powerful food supplement, and from the perspective of being a marketing network with a great difference. I will define Trevo from these two perspectives.

Trevo as a unique food supplement

Trevo is a revolutionary food supplement that is made in the USA from 174 best ingredients from around the world. All the best ingredients from all the corners of the earth where people live long and healthy are in this unique product called Trevo.

In a nut shell, Trevo is the unique product that holds the secret to wellness and health. It contains all the nutrients the body needs to maintain a complete healthy body system. And where the body is already malfunctioning, it helps restore, then renew and revive it to normalcy.

Trevo works down to the cellular level thereby ensuring health from the foundation of the body.

This complete-spectrum food supplement in a unique formula is the number one if not the only answer we have today for the big nutritional gap created by the nutrients- depleted food we are challenged with.

It is especially unique because all that the body needs are combined into one-of-a-kind product. The result is that you don’t need so many different products for different purposes.

This uniqueness makes Trevo a very fast growing brand all over the world! So it is not an exaggeration to say that Trevo is the next billion dollar brand.

The nutritional gap in conjunction with unsafe food has resulted in over 200 diseases according to the World Health Organization. Today, the escalating number of high blood pressure is linked to poverty and poor nutrition. However, the poverty that I attributed the high blood pressure to is poverty of the mind and not poverty of the pocket.

Trevo supports the following:


  • Normal blood pressure
  • A wonderful sense of general well-being
  • Healthy cholesterol level
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Healthy and powerful anti-aging benefits
  • Healthy body pH level
  • Digestive system health
  • Support immune system health
  • Support men’s health
  • Support excellent weight management
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Support women’s health



Trevo as a marketing network

Trevo as a marketing network, “gives you the opportunity to experience life to the fullest by positioning you for success with the perfect combination of product, opportunity, business plan and timing” Mark A. Stevens, Trevo CEO.

Trevo as a network marketing organization helps you

  • Fulfill your dreams
  • Transform your life
  • Put the style back into your life
  • You live the extraordinary life of freedom
  • Position you for success
  • Empower you to financial freedom


Having seen what Trevo is all about, here are reasons why you should join Trevo today.

10 Reasons To Join Trevo, The Next Billion Dollar Brand

Convert your spare time to money

Most people have some time to spare. This spare time is spent according to the one’s interests. Some people may spend their spare time watching television, gossiping, criticizing government and leaders. Some others may spend such time sleeping, drinking, smoking and many other things that do not add value to their life.

On the other hand, someone may choose to use his or her spare time to write a book, improve his self or herself or to convert it to money through introducing Trevo to his friends and family members. And you get richly paid when you do so.

We do a lot of referral work on daily basis without getting any commission for it. For example, if someone thinks your dress is cute and wants you to refer him to your tailor, you may not get any referral commission. But in Trevo any such referee gets you a handsome commission. This is one of tne many reasons to join Trevo, the next billion dollar brand

Even when you think you don’t have the time, but as long as you discuss with people that is a good time to chip the benefits of Trevo and earn your commissions.  Do join us today.

  1. Create another stream of income

Every business minded person knows it is not the best to pack all his eggs into one basket. It is the better practice to have as many baskets as possible.

Joining Trevo, the next billion dollar brand is a very good opportunity to create another stream of income. More so, it is very reliable and free from any iota of shady deals. Therefore, one can invest in Trevo with 100% peace of mind. This is one of the many reasons to join Trevo.

Do you think you still have any reason whatsoever not to join us today?

  1. Exposes you to opportunity of global business

Trevo is a worldwide based business. Presently, it exists in over 40 countries round the world. There is no restriction as to where you can cover or operate from.

The implication of this is that when you join Trevo, you join a global business with a global opportunity. Another implication is that you grow beyond the recession in your country if it is suffering from one. There are no limits to the opportunities available. In Trevo, the extraordinary lifestyle is the style. This is one of the great reasons to join Trevo, the next billion dollar brand today. There is no need to delay.



The Unique Product

Trevo has only one unique product. This unique product is all that the body needs for a vibrant health and wellness. This makes it not another “me-too” product. This is very much unlike the other products where you have an array of products.

It is amazing to have everything that the body needs for maximum health put in a unique blend that is very tasty. To distinctly stand out, definitely is one of the reasons to join Trevo!

  1. The Brand Is Growing Extremely Fast

Trevo brand is growing so fast that if anyone who is aware of the opportunities now and fail to make use of it will not be happy with himself for the costly mistake. All the people who missed out on investing on google, facebook, apple when they were growing will not be happy with the opportunity they missed.

Trevo is the next billion dollar brand and investing on it now by joining the network will be an uplifting decision.

  1. Trevo is Touching More Lives Than Can Be Imagined.
Trevo Testimonies:Reasons to join Trevo
Trevo Testimonies:Reasons to join Trevo

Truly Trevo is touching more lives than can be imagined. The reason for this is simple. When the body is equipped with what it needs, it then goes ahead to carry out the function that that it is designed to carry out naturally. The testimonies are indeed outstanding. I am yet to see anyone taking Trevo who does not have testimonies.

As a result of such outstanding performance, the demand for Trevo will ever be on the increase. This is among the good reasons to join the Trevo network today. I just wish that you do not hesitate further. Let us touch lives together.

  1. Power Start Commission

The power start commission is the commission you receive when someone registers as a result of your referring him or her. This is usually up to 40% of the cost of registration. In Nigeria, for example, when someone registers with 3 bottles registration, the bonus is #1180. This is not all.

There is no limit to the number of referrals and there is no limit to the commission. Here you decide and determine your pay packet. You determine the lifestyle that suits you.

  1. Auto ship Commission
Passive Income: one of the reasons to join Trevo
Passive Income

This is the commission that you receive each time anyone from your team buys Trevo. This is a very interesting aspect of the Trevo networking business. If you have even a medium sized team, say 1000 people and about only 100 of them buys 3 bottles each, this translates into a big amount of money.

In Nigeria, for example, when someone buys 3 bottles of Trevo, you receive #2065 commissions. For this modest number of people it will amount to over two hundred thousand naira. Now consider what this will amount to for people that have up to 15,000 people in their team. Great, as not up to 1% of Nigerians earn anything near this figure.

This gives the power of passive income. This is a case where you work once and reap the benefit of the work for a long while. This is the secret of the wealthy. They build a system that makes them money even while they sleep. Other good examples of such system include investing in estate, writing a quality book, singing a good song. Having opportunity to join the business model of the rich is really one of the reasons to join Treve.

  1. Up to 25% retail profit

As a registered member, you can get Trevo at members’ price and then retail to non Trevo members. The profit here is usually up to 25%. The retail profit often adds up to some significant sum over the month.

  1. Bonuses

Different types of bonuses abound in Trevo.  Some of the bonuses are enjoyed along the ladder of the different levels of leadership. There are 20 levels in the leadership cadre. From levels 6 to 20, you enjoy 1% bonus of the total global sales (not profit) for the month. Amazing!

At level 11 you enjoy the bonus of a new car. At level 16 you enjoy the bonus of an executive car. At level 18 you enjoy the bonus of a charity project in your name that will be cited in a location of your choice.

Trevo car Award: one of the reasons to join Trevo
Trevo car Award
Photo Credit: trevocorporate.com

There are also travel bonuses every year. For 2017, the World Tour will be taking us to Zan Ziba! I just wish that you will be part of it

Great reasons to join Trevo, the next billion dollar brand.




Trevo is a one-of–a-kind-product that empowers wellness and wealth. Trevo is the next billion dollar brand that anyone with business savvy must invest in today. We have also seen that there are so many reasons to join Trevo network without any worry. For me, the business model (network marketing) that made someone the world’s richest man for many years is not a bad one. What do think?

Maybe you asking, what does it cost to join the Trevo network? Good question. The answer is simple but the cost depends on the country that you are located. For the cost in your country, visit http://trevo.life/UCHEEGBUNA and then click enroll now. Scroll down to the country of your location and then follow the instructions. The cost varies with how many bottles registration that you want to start with. In addition to getting the number of bottles of Trevo you registered for, you also receive a website and a number of other materials to help you get started immediately.

My Bonus

When you register through my link, http://trevo.life/UCHEEGBUNA, I will be there for you because in network business we are stronger together. When you are done, I will take you by the hand so that as a team we will be stronger, healthier and wealthier together. Not much can be sweeter than genuine unity and team work! See you on the side of health and wealth put together. This is one of the reasons to join Trevo.

Note that you can join Trevo from anywhere in the world. Be part of the next billion dollar brand. Be passionate about people’s health and that of yours. This is the surest pathway to wealth and true fulfillment. This is another of the many reasons to join Trevo.

Do join us now.

Do remember that you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Uche Egbuna

Uche Egbuna is author, health and wellness coach and has passion for healthy living, wellness, wealth, food, eating right. He is the author of the book: Eating Right, Your#1 Key to Healing and Health.I am passionate about seeing you enjoy wellness! Get free access now to my 14 Healthy Lifestyle Rules that will soar your health.

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