6 Ways Overeating Affects Your Health And Productivity


Overeating is highly deadly and is a very important aspect of not eating right. It is necessary not to over eat as it is very unhealthy. Overeating affects your health and productivity negatively in a number of ways.

Most people at one time or the other had over eaten. It occurs often among many people and if the person is observant, it is not always a palatable experience.

I know because it used to be part of my problem. In fact, it used to be a regular occurrence with me until I had knowledge.  After that I had to seriously fight it until it was conquered.

Have you ever over eaten? What was your experience like?



What is Overeating?

Overeating is eating to the point when

  1. You feel some weight in your stomach; or
  2. You eat till you feel some discomfort, as a result of the eating.

It is the excess food in relation to what the body requires at the particular time.


Ways Overeating affect your health and productivity


Here is a list of  6 ways overeating affects your health and productivity.

  1. Overeating is highly unhealthy as it overworks the organs


Overeating is highly unhealthy. It over labors the organs that are associated or involved  with digestion such as the brain, heart, stomach, large and small intestines, gall bladder, pancreas, kidney, liver etc. Over laboring these organs is majorly responsible for the frequent cases of heart attack, kidney failure, liver failure, colon cancer etc. From this, it is clear enough that overeating affects your health and productivity.



  1. Overeating makes the one dull and less productive

Overeating makes the person involved dull. This is so because the organs are doing extra job to handle the excess food taken at the point. This is particularly the case between two to three hours after the overeating.

What can a dull man do? Not much. As a result the individual is much more prone to be less productive.

  1. Overeating leads to frequent hunger pangs

When one over eats or takes sugary products, the level of sugar in the blood rises drastically. When it reduces, it leads to hunger pangs. As a result, the individual form the habit of continuous overeating.


  1. Overeating leads to non-refreshing sleeps

If one is above 40 years, overeating will often lead to insomnia, that is, inability to sleep at night.


The sleep is usually not refreshing because the organs which were supposed to be ‘resting’ while we sleep are busy doing some work of digestion. As a result the individual may be sleeping but not resting.


  1. Overeating Leads to Aging Fast


There are some pictures I took many years after graduation from a university in which I looked younger than when I was an undergraduate a number of years after. Why? As an undergraduate, I was on the fast lane of life until I surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The stress of life on the fast lane coupled with not eating right as well as overeating all joined to make me look far older than was the case then.

Generally, constant overeating will lead to aging fast. Who wants to age fast? It is therefore clear that overeating affects your health and productivity.

  1. Overeating Leads to Overweight.

Overeating usually leads to overweight. Sometimes it leads to outright obesity. Overweight is responsible for a number of health challenges such as high blood pressure and cancer. In fact, overweight is officially the second leading cause of cancer. I hope that did not surprise you?

Uche Egbuna

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