Alive Vitamins And Dead Vitamins: What You Should Know


Alive Vitamins And Dead Vitamins: What You Should Know!

Some vitamins are extremely cheap while some are costly. Have you ever stopped to wonder why this is so? What is the basic difference? Alive vitamins are definitely different from synthetic, artificial and natural but dead vitamins.

Just like most other things, all vitamin supplements are not created equal. Unfortunately, a large part of the public is not aware that this is the case. As a result, they just demand for vitamins and get vitamins. However, the vitamins they get may not be beneficial to them if it is not alive vitamins.

You may have had a knock-off experience with some products. The product looks just like the real thing, but is of poor quality and ineffective. As a result, they are often far cheaper. This same happens in the vitamin market.

Some vitamins and multivitamins sold in stores have little to no nutritional value. Essentially, there are three types of vitamins. Depending on what kind of vitamin you choose, it will determine whether you are benefiting from all those pills you are swallowing.

The human body has a certain amount of nutrients it needs every day to maintain good health. Just like a truck runs on gas, we live of the food that we eat. The food is our source of energy and maintenance. However, when you give your body food that is poor in nutritional value, it’s just like putting plain lead-free fuel in a jet engine. That’s just not the octane number available to it to perform well.

To keep the body healthy we need give it all the nutrients it needs. Because the food we eat rarely meets these needs, it is a good idea to take a multivitamin supplement. But how do you know if your multi-vitamin actually delivers what your body needs or what it claims? This will largely depend on the type of vitamin that you consume.

Synthetic, Natural, and Alive vitamins


There are three types of vitamins available to the consumer: synthetic, natural, and alive vitamins.

Synthetic Vitamins
Synthetic vitamins results basically from the attempt of man to replicate in the laboratory what God has made available in the real world. Man is yet to master the replicating process. As a result such vitamins are not very useful nutritionally. They are relatively very cheap. That’s why you see them with the low price tags in the local store or super market.

Unfortunately, they are more in demand because they are readily affordable. They are also much more profitable to the manufacturers and the distributors. The one person that fails to profit from this type of vitamin is the consumer.

Natural Vitamins

A vitamin may be real and 100% natural and yet not nutritionally valuable. This is usually the case when the vitamins are dead. The nutrients are destroyed in the production process. This leads to cheaper production. Such vitamins have almost no nutritional value when packed.

Here is a simple illustration. If you squeeze some orange juice into a pan, then boil the water and pack it in a pill, you should have 100% natural vitamin C. But the process of boiling it killed the nutrients. In fact the nutrients start to die long before the water starts to evaporate.

Getting natural and alive vitamins largely depends on the production procedure and process. Compromised or cheap production technology or the desire to maximize profit is what usually leads to such vitamins.

Alive Vitamins

Alive vitamins or live vitamins are what you need to keep your eyes open for. These are completely natural and are packaged without heating or killing of the nutrients. Live vitamins are the next best thing to eat after fresh fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, they are much more expensive to produce, so they cost far more than their counterparts.

It’s important to keep in mind that although it may be tempting to deal with a cheaper vitamin, you simply waste your money if you do not have live vitamins.

Alive Vitamins and Availability

Alive vitamins
Alive vitamins

Live vitamins are rarely sold in big supermarkets or drug stores. This is because synthetic and natural vitamins are sold at less than half of the price. And since the general public is unaware of the difference, they are attracted to the vitamins of low prices. The effect is that it will take a long while before they will sell the real, live vitamins.

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