Foods That Damage Bone Health Which You Should Avoid


The role of healthy bones in your overall health cannot be really overemphasized.  Unfortunately so many people do not care or care so little about their bone health until some major challenges develops. Certain foods and food supplements help to promote the health of bones. On the other hand also, there are certain foods that damage bone health. Which foods do this damage?

Which foods should you eat more for the health of your bones even unto old age? And which foods should you avoid so as not to suffer common ailments associated with bone diseases?

In this write up, I am taking a look at some foods that damage bone health. Subsequently, I will write on the ones that promote bone health.

Some Foods that damage bone health

We all know that following a good diet is essential to the health of all organs in your body. Improper food can lead to serious illnesses, lack of energy and malnutrition.

Therefore, it’s important to know those foods that are bad for your bone health and avoid eating them. Here is a list of some foods that damage bone health.

Carbonated beverages

Frequent consumption of carbonated beverages do some damages to your bone health.

These beverages contain a large amount of phosphoric acid, which is detrimental to calcium absorption. For this reason, you should reduce the consumption of this type of beverages as much as possible.


It has been proven that coffee has several health benefits, but it’s important that you drink it moderately. in other words, even if you like coffee, you can drink no more than three cups a day because it contains the substance xanthenes. This substance has the ability to increase the amount of calcium you lose through the urinary tract, which damages bone health. Coffee in excess is among the some foods that damage bone health


This is a food that, when consumed in large amounts, can damage your bones very much. This is because sodium can cause constant calcium loss. Avoiding sodium will also mean avoiding foods that are rich in salt such as bread, chips, cheese.



No doubt alcohol abuse is harmful to your bone health, as it increases calcium excretion through urine. When you are used to drinking one or two glasses of red wine every day, you give yourself substances that improve your overall health and this amount does not have much harmful effects on the structure of your bones. However, a large amount of alcohol can affect it.


When you eat a lot of meat, you may give your body a lot of proteins which results in a large amount of sulfur amino acids, which increases the amount of calcium eliminated via the urine. When you eat vegetable proteins, the effect may be much less.

It is safer to avoid such a situation. Therefore you must be careful and keep your meat consumption under control as it is among the among the foods that damage bone health.


Hydrogenated oil

Healthy oils generally contain a large amount of vitamin K, which is essential to your bone health. But when they go through the process of becoming hydrogenated oils, they lose this vitamin K completely. Oils are generally used for desserts, but they are harmful to your bone health when they lose their healthy property. Therefore, you should avoid consuming hydrogenated oils. Examples of hydrogenated oils are margarine and butter. Foods rich in hydrogenated oil will include bread, biscuits, dough nuts etc.  

For healthier bone unto old age, you may need to start early to supplement your diet with quality food supplements such as Trevo.

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