7 Health Benefits of Happiness that Will Interest You


Happiness is a personal emotion that predisposes one to contentment, joy and fulfillment. It is different from a passing pleasure that is temporal. Because happiness is a personal thing, everyone gets it through something different. While being married may be a source of happiness for one person, it may not be for another person. Being healthy can be a source of happiness for one individual and not for another. Health benefits of happiness should seem obvious but is often overlooked or taken for granted.

Happiness is often overlooked as an important factor for health.  Most people are readily aware that overweight, vitamin deficiency, minerals deficiency, insufficient exercise etc are all well-known factors that will affect one’s being.

Happiness, health and success are closely linked. Nobody without a sense of happiness is really completely healthy. Such individual’s incomplete health status will be made manifest over time.

Happily, happiness can be learned or developed. A umber of books exposes the relationship between happiness, performance, health and success. They are readily available and affordable at the . .

Here is a list of health benefits of happiness.

Health benefits of happiness

Mental stability

Most happily disposed people are relatively mentally stable. In the world of today where suicide has almost become an hourly routine, this effect cannot be overemphasize. Most people who committed suicide have one reason or the other not to be happy. Most people who are not happy are also not mentally stable.

The converse of the above also seems to hold. The healthier people are more disposed not only to look happy, but also to be actually happy. Such people are motivated in most things that they do. They find it easier to connect with others, and are sincerely interested in what others do and what they have to offer. The opposite seems to be the case with the people who are angry, sad and moody.

With a happy, relaxed and positive attitude, a good atmosphere is created for a thriving health.  Anyone who is happily disposed achieves more while remaining mentally healthier. The brain is focused, but not overloaded or stresses with the pressures of daily living. Better mental health and stability are among the health benefits of happiness.

Happiness results in normal heart rate and blood pressure

When an individual is happy; the heart rate and blood pressure levels are within the normal range. That is because of endorphins, the happiness hormones that bring you a pleasant mood. At the same time, the body reduces the production of stress hormones such as cortisone. Whoever experiences that flow of happiness will likely remain healthier than otherwise. More often than not, high blood pressure is preceded by worries and stress.

Happy people have better functioning immune health

Happy people are less disposed to ill-health. They have a better functioning defense system against all kinds of diseases. This makes happy people less often sick than pessimists and people who are not well in their mind.

Most people who are angry make bitter or jealous remarks. This on its own is unhealthy. They breathe excessive ‘toxin’ that is not healthy for anyone including themselves. No wonder that they are more susceptible to ill-health.

Happy people are less prone to, and recover faster from stress
It is almost self-evident from the previous two tips.  A better hormonal disposition also means that you are less likely to suffer from stressful events. The stress hormone, cortisone, is kept under check. However, if for any reason stress happens,  happy people are quick to return to their happy, healthier self.

The above is not the case with sad, gloomy and angry people. Their cortisone level is already high. A little stressful situation increases the cortisone further thereby predisposing them more to ill-health.

Happy people are more disposed to conquer fear
Happy people think more positively about themselves. This positive disposition is extended to others and the world around them.  This makes it easier for such people to overcome their fears.

On the other hand those who are riddled with hard feelings are much more predisposed to fear.

Fear is a factor fingered as one of the factors responsible for high blood pressure.


Happy people respond better to challenges
Challenges are part of daily experiences! When such challenges arise, happy people respond better than people who are already angry, disturbed, sad or gloomy. Happiness simply gives you a lot of  advantages over its angry counterpart.

Consider a situation where someone mistakenly steps on the toes of someone who is angry. His degree of reaction will directly depend on how angry he is. He may curse, abuse, step back on you or be ready to fight. Even trivial matters are not favorably responded to because of the already bad mind. Just missing a connection in public transport can trigger off a bad disposition that may be vented on another individual. But if you are happy then you are likely to be calm and laughing at trivial situations

Having seen a number of health benefits of happiness,  it will be of greater benefit if one observes closely to know from where his happiness comes from. It will also help if one knows how to hold, retain and strengthen these health benefits of happiness. You may wish to improve your happiness level with these books on .


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