Heart Health and Kidney Health: The simple secret


All your body organs are obviously important! But it is also clear that some are more important than others. Therefore, the question, your heart health and kidney health which is more important, does not sound very foolish.

If we take a critical look at both of them, we will be able to point out which is more important based on some criteria. Well, I am not going do just that. The two organs are very important for the sustenance of life. What I rather want to do is much more than that. I have some urgent information to pass to you about a very simple method to optimal heart health and kidney health. If the information is accepted and applied, you will be super glad soon.

The simplest secret to heart health and kidney health

The heart and kidney are among the organs that do the most laborious work in your body. Both almost work 24 hours every day. When these organs are not working optimally, their effects reflect all over the individual. Now you can imagine what happens when they fail!

If they work so hard to keep you healthy and there is one very simple but important thing for you to do to keep them from breaking down, will you do it? If you will not do that, why read further?

As pointed out earlier, these organs work so hard. How do you feel if after a hard day’s job someone adds some unnecessary extra labor for you to do? You definitely will not be happy. If you have your way, you may resist the extra work!

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we do to these organs. You may not be one of the culprits but the vast majorities are.

How do we over labor these organs and consequently endanger our health? It is by eating after 18.00 hours! This may sound strange and simple to some people, but its effect is unpleasant on your heart health and kidney health.

These organs, in addition to all the other organs are supposed to be enjoying rest as we sleep. But by eating later than this time, the one sends them to working all the night.

By day break, the individual finds that he or she is exhausted rather than refreshed. This is accompanied by general weakness and possibly a mild headache. There will normally be early morning hunger pangs too. General body weakness will be noticed. Now if you wake up so exhausted, what do you think of the organs that have been directly at work all through the night?

Many, not recognizing the reason for their early morning tiredness, pack in some more food into their body. The already tired organs then go into another vicious cycle of labor. The cycle continues and the heart health and kidney health quickly deteriorate. This in turn gives room to many other diseases and ill-health.

By the way, this often overlooked attitude is the secret why so many people are not enjoying optimal health.

Avoid eating later than 18.00 hours for only 10 days and tell me how you feel after the exercise. You will likely feel lighter, healthier, stronger, agile and happier.

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