Lazy People Are Smarter People: Are You One?


Lazy people are smarter people. I should think that this is a controversial statement. But surprisingly it is not. I look back to my school days. That was decades ago. I could still picture most of the “smart” guys in my class. Most of these guys were always very confident in the class. Their hands were usually up before the lecturer finishes asking a question. They were rarely afraid of the examinations as they approach. But since after school, you don’t get to hear much about them. Unfortunately, I was one of them.

It seems logical that there is need to first define what the word “lazy” means. This is necessary for the avoidance of misconception. The word lazy as used here refers to requiring little or no effort as opposed to unwilling to do work or make an effort.

Also, the word smart as used here refers to being clever, exhibiting intelligent behavior or disposition. It does not necessarily refer to intellectual knowledge.

Now that the terms are free from ambiguity, one may wonder whether lazy people are smarter people indeed.

Lazy people, by virtue of wanting to expend little energy or effort are always on the lookout for a way to get more done. Here are some examples to illustrate the fact.

Lazy people are smarter people in a number of ways

The technological inventions and transformations that we are enjoying today are majorly by lazy people. It is my belief that Bill Gates was not among the smart guys in his class while endured his stay at Harvard University. While his hardworking colleagues were busy aspiring for first class honors (which is by no means easy), he was also busy thinking of short cut to improving the computer interface. That led to ground breaking development of the Microsoft software which we are all enjoying including our Harvard University lecturers and students.

Lazy people are smarter people
Lazy people are smarter people

The Facebook is the result of a lazy man who would prefer not to walk under the sun or rain to visit his friends. The laziness yielded a smarter way of reaching out unto our friends. Today, you don’t need to go looking for visa to reach out to a friend in far away country.

In the area of communications, some lazy guys got bored with writing a letter and waiting for weeks and months to get a reply. That led to a smarter way of reaching out to them. You can imagine the telephones of 60, 50, 40 and even 20 years back. It gave lazy people worry why they must be limited to their houses or offices to make call. This led to the birth of the handset.

If you are limited to voice call alone, you know very well that you are left wondering how it is with the person. This may spur the desire to go and see the person. The lazy people don’t have the time and strength. So there is need to find a smart way of bypassing that. This led to video call.

Think of the  development of the clock. From the mechanical clock to pendulum clock. Now we have watches, . that can send the following notifications at a glance: calendar events, text and emails, incoming calls, and more.

The lazy person will not wish to get up to turn the television on. So he thinks of a smarter way of sitting down and turning it on. He then developed the remote control. But why go to pick the remote control? Who has the strength for that? And so he speaks to the television. The door has to open as he approaches! Who has the effort to waste to turn the knob?

Lazy people are smarter people: including animals
Even lazy animals are smart

What do I say in the area of the car? From manual transmission through to cars that are driving themselves while the lazy guy is busy thinking of what next that will make life easier. Oh yes, lazy people are smarter people.

In the area of war, the lazy man finds it cumbersome to carry cutlass, bow and arrow, gun, etc. And so why not use a guided missile to hit a desired target?

Unfortunately, being lazy in the area of food which resulted in fast foods did  and is doing our health a lot of damage.

This article is getting too long and I must cut it here otherwise only hardworking people will read it to this point. The lazy man simply doesn’t have the time and strength. This explains why videos and graphics are speedily replacing texts.  After all, for the lazy man, a picture is worth a thousand words.

But you know what? We are all speedily becoming lazy! The hardworking people are smartly joining the lazy people. What is the implication of this? We should expect tremendous transformations in the now and in the near future. I will not be surprised that the pictures of the fine foods we see everywhere in the internet will be physically downloadable. Going to the Mars for holidays will not be reserved for just a few. All the things hitherto unthinkable will be unbelievably simple.

If you read to this point, I am wondering whether you are among the lazy people. Truly lazy people are smarter people. Are you a lazy person? I am! Let us show it by working smarter because that is the mark of the lazy people.

Your comments, criticisms and opinions are warmly welcome.

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