How to Stop Emotional Eating Without Stress


Knowing how to stop emotional eating without stress is extremely essential in our overall health. It is primarily the reason many people are overweight. If you truly want to move from the side of ill-health to the side of vibrant wellness, then you must pay significant attention to this topic.

Theoretically, our appetite is regulated by a biochemical process that tells our brain that we are hungry. This signals the need for food or otherwise. Unfortunately, majority of us have learned to override this important signal.

Today, a lot of eating is not motivated out of hunger.  Some eating is motivated out of anger, happiness, envy, sadness, belief system etc. Mere availability of free food, for example in a wedding, is enough reason for some to eat and even overeat. Being lonely or idle can spark off emotional eating in some people.

All the reasons to eat, other than hunger, may be regarded as emotional eating. It is highly unhealthy. It is responsible for many of the illnesses that are rampaging mankind today.

It should be noted that emotional eating is quite different from overeating. But both have unpleasant health consequences. Fortunately, a number of good books that will help you conquer emotional eating are available .

Why emotional eating is rampant today

Let’s face the fact, every one of us at one time or the other has been a culprit to the malady of emotional eating.  Therefore, knowing how to stop emotional eating should not be overlooked by all who want to stay optimally healthy.

In order to successfully conquer this monster, we needed to be aware why such practice is common today.

A number of reasons may be attributed to the present ugly situation of emotional eating. These include the following:

Belief system

In many places, it is believed that food is a means of enjoyment. Nothing can be farther from the truth. I pointed out clearly in my book: Eating Right, Your #1 Key to Healing and Health, that food should be enjoyed. It is however not meant to be a source of pleasure or enjoyment.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that food makes you feel and good. To some extent many people still believe so. For some the extent they are plump is a measure of how wealthy they are.

Poor habit

Most smokers that I know say they smoke out of bad habit that they find difficult to stop. In other words they agree that smoking is not truly beneficial to them. Similarly, many people got into emotional eating out of a poor habit.

Emotional dispositions such as anger, anxiety, loneliness, envy can be a stimulus that provokes emotional eating.

How to stop emotional eating in a stressed world


If one is considering how to stop emotional eating, there is a need to be able to differentiate between emotional hunger and physical hunger.

What are the main differences between emotional hunger and physical hunger?

(a) Physical hunger normally develops gradually while emotional hunger develops spontaneously. This factor can easily be distinguished by everyone.

(b) Physical hunger requires no particular type of food to be satisfied. On the other hand, emotional hunger is associated with a particular type of food to be satisfied. In this case it could be a strong desire for chicken or popcorn.

(c) Physical hunger is felt around the stomach while emotional hunger is felt around the mind. You may wonder where the mind is. I leave that for you as an assignment.

(d) Physical hunger does not seek urgent or immediate satisfaction. On the contrary, emotional hunger seeks to be satisfied immediately. It rarely wants to wait while physical hunger can afford to wait.

(e) When physical hunger is satisfied, it always leaves the body satisfied. Emotional hunger when satisfied may leave behind a feeling of self-condemnation. guilt and disappointment.

The ability to recognize emotional hunger as it approaches is an essential step in dealing with how to stop emotional eating. This book, ., will be very useful for getting over emotional eating.

Getting your mind turned off from a sudden craving for any particular food is essential to defeating emotional hunger. This can be easily done by deliberately focusing your attention to something else.

Here is an illustration. If idleness or loneliness makes you crave for cake in the kitchen, then you can find a way to avoid the kitchen area. Getting engaged with your computer can easily solve this. Alternatively, the one can choose to go dry clean some clothes. Just look out for anything that will divert your attention for a while.

Most importantly, disciplining your mind to reject the craving is an effective way of conquering emotional eating.

Remember that emotional eating always stems up out of emotion. So it is also great if the one addresses the cause of the emotion rather than turning to food. A chat with a caring friend can be of immense benefit.

Recognize the negative consequences that will follow from such eating. This is often the leading cause of being overweight. Of course, being overweight is the second largest cause of cancer. These consequences should make the individual say no to emotional eating.

In conclusion, knowing how to stop emotional eating will help with our overall goal of staying healthy now and in the future. You can get a copy of . Never Binge Again today to help you get over this malady.

It is not always very easy to unlearn a long-standing habit. But it all boils down to making a choice. What choice will you make today? Will you choose to conquer this ugly trend or to be conquered by it? So many people have been defeated already. You need not be one of them!

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how to stop emotional eating
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