Symptoms of Kidney failure You Should Not Ignore


A few days ago, I heard of the death of a neighbor around my office. He had suffered from kidney or renal failure for a while. Money was raised by a number of caring friends. A huge sum of money was deposited in a hospital for a planned surgery. But just a few days before the surgery the boy gave up. He died of kidney failure at an age less than 30 years. This has prompted me to write on symptoms of kidney failure that everyone must watch out for. This is become important because of the frequent cases of kidney failure.

It is all together too easy to ignore some small symptoms without paying much attention. Such symptoms with time will seem normal until it gets out of hand. Kidney failure normally is preceded by different signals that need to be recognized so as to take action as quickly as possible. This is necessary to enable the kidneys return to their all important functions.

For the purpose of this article, kidney failure refers to a s situation in which the kidneys cannot function effectively. Under such a situation, many functions that the kidneys are supposed to perform will start to change. These changes depend on whether the kidney failure is acute or chronic. Let’s take a look at symptoms of kidney failure that you must not be ignorant of.

Symptoms of kidney failure you should be aware of.

Explained below are some of the symptoms of kidney failure you must watch out for. The indicated symptoms may also be the symptom for another ailment.

  1. Sudden high frequency and urgency to urinate

Most often, this is the most common symptom and also the first that appears in the many symptoms of kidney failure. The possibility that this could be related to another disease should not be ruled out. But it is an obvious indicator that warns early enough that something is wrong and you must visit a doctor.

So if you feel the urge to pee often, or have to pee more often, or even have to rise several times a night to pee, then watch out.  Early detection of this debilitating disease can make a difference whether the person survives or not.

Also changes in urine color, urinating in much smaller amounts, or having blood trace in the urine could also be one of the early warning symptoms of kidney failure, particularly if it persists.

2. General fatigue

One of the early warning symptoms of kidney failure is general weakness. Why?

People with healthy liver produce sufficient quantity of the hormone called erythropoietin. This hormone is responsible for the production of red blood cells in the body. They are also responsible for the transport of oxygen to the blood.

When kidney failure sets in, this hormone is produced in much smaller amounts.  As a result, the muscles and brain begin to get tired frequently because of lack of oxygen. It is a type of anemia associated with kidney failure.

The effect of the fatigue often results in feeling of the need to sleep. There appears to be  never enough sleep.

3. Swelling of the body

Swelling of the body is one the symptoms of kidney failure. However, when the body starts swelling, the kidneys failure has progressed significantly.

Patients suffering from kidney failure fail to remove extra moisture from the body. The kidneys cannot perform their filtering function normally and fluids tend to accumulate in the body. This can result in swollen legs, ankles, feet and even a swollen face. For many such people, their legs no more fit into their shoes. That is also a very clear symptom of kidney failure.

4. Poor concentration and memory loss

Symptoms of kidney failure:Memory Loss
Symptoms of kidney failure:Memory Loss

Poor concentration and memory loss often is one of the warning symptoms of kidney failure. How does this result?

The poor circulatory problems, poorly filtered blood and changes to the hormone erythropoietin, all result to poor oxygen being fed to the brain.  Therefore,  the individual does not get enough energy and begin to develop concentration problems. It becomes increasingly difficult to focus. The individual frequently feel tired and even dizzy. It is normal to experience memory loss consequently.

5.  Shortness of breath after activities

It’s hard to breathe normal after an activity that should not be really tiring. For example climbing stairs, running a short distance. This is due to two causes: excess body moisture that accumulate in the lungs, making it difficult to breathe; and the fact that one is also suffering from anemia associated with kidney failure makes it harder to breathe normal.

6. Persistent Unpleasant taste in the mouth

The accumulation of toxins in the blood is normally distributed everywhere in the body. While other parts of the body may not be able to be sensitive to this, the tongue can. The wastes results in a persistent unpleasant taste in the mouth.

The accumulation of waste in the blood (known as uremia), changes the normal taste of food. It could even happen that meat  no longer taste like meat. Also, sweets are no longer delicious … That is why weight loss occurs. The difficulty that the kidneys have with eliminating waste has a lot of secondary effects and a bad taste in the mouth occurs as a result. Some people suffering from kidney failure usually indicate that they have an “iron flavor” in the mouth.

7. Catching cold frequently

Frequent feeling cold even when there is no cold is one of the characteristic symptoms of kidney failure.

Anemia causes the individual to feel colder than normal.

8. Skin rash

The kidneys failure makes them not able to perform their function effectively. The inability to properly eliminate waste from the blood results in toxins accumulating in the body. This leads to itching, pain and general discomfort. The toxins which are desperately looking for exit from within results to discomfort in the skin. The itching and scratching that follow are not always palatable.

The skin tends to easily get dirtier much more easily and frequently.

9. Nauseating and vomiting

Excessive waste in the blood causes the body to react. The body constantly wants to force the wastes out through every available avenue. Thus there is always the feeling of wanting to vomit and occasional vomiting.  The individual starts to wake up, feeling sick, nauseating, and gradually loose weight. The stomach also gives a full feeling when in reality it is not full. The individual feel heavy and dull.

10. Unusual pain on the side and on the legs

Some people with kidney problems suffer from back pain or side pain, a symptom that can sometimes be confused with other problems. This pain is often from one side of the leg to the other and can result in an acute pain. This pain may sometimes occur suddenly. This problem is likely to be associated with polycystic kidney disease, a disease that causes cysts to  fill the fluid in the kidneys and even in the liver. It can be very painful.

11. Poor immune system

The poor functioning of the kidneys affect the optimal functioning of all the other body organs. All these result in vulnerability for infections. This is because the immune system works less well.


Note must be taken that most people with kidney damage experience some of the symptoms above.  Many of the above effects can be easily treated or corrected. The complaints above may also be caused by other diseases.

However it is very much advisable that you see a doctor as soon as you possibly can if you see yourself having up to four of the symptoms of kidney failure as listed above.

Watch out for a follow up  article that will show you how to prevent kidney failure. Before that comes up, if you have passion for your general well-being and health then must get Trevo today as it maximally support kidney health and all organs health.

Your comments and questions are most welcome. Please share with friends and families as this might go a long way to help a person.

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