Tips For Getting Enough Exercise In The Midst Of Tight Schedule


Next to eating right and sleeping right, getting enough exercise is the next important factor if one must enjoy a reasonable degree of good health. Despite its degree of importance for our well-being, so many people seem not to have time for exercise. It is therefore necessary to have knowledge about the necessary tips for getting enough exercise even in the midst of a tight schedule.

But wait a minute; is it really necessary that we must exercise?

It is not only necessary, it is very vital that we do so regularly.


A number of benefits of exercise make it very necessary that we should exercise regularly.

Getting Enough Exercise: benefits
Getting Enough Exercise: benefits

Some of the benefits of getting enough exercise include:

  • Greatly improves mental health generally. It enhances mental focus and memory.
  • Lowering the risk factor of many non communicable diseases (NCDs), such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and some cancers.
  • Boosting self-esteem, sleep quality and energy.
  • Reducing stress level
  • Reduces the risk factor of diabetes
  • Enhances proper weight management

The Present Day Challenge

Despite the numerous advantages and benefits of exercise, people are less involved in exercises. This is majorly because of ignorance. Otherwise, there will be no excuse whatsoever. The second excuse is laziness hence you find people driving cars or even taking public transport for a trek able distance. People sit for hours just watching a TV or computer screen. Fewer people are doing manual work, and many people have jobs that involve little physical effort. Technological improvements have not helped matters.  At home, household chores have been taken over by machines


Exceptionally Tight schedule

On the average, everyone seems to be grappling with “being busy syndrome”. Even the person not having much to do is also having tight schedule.

Despite the fact that technology appears to have made life much easier, we still apparently do not have time to do that which is very needful. Getting enough exercise daily is needful but so many people are finding it difficult to exercise regularly. Essentially this situation can be attributed to not appreciating the dangers we expose our bodies to by not exercising appropriately.

In the midst of such ugly circumstances, what tips will help us in getting enough exercise regularly?

Tips For Getting Enough Exercise Even In The Midst Of Tight Schedule

Here are a few tips for getting enough exercise on daily basis despite the seemingly tight schedule.

  1. See Opportunity for Exercise In Every Activity

If we look well enough, we will see opportunity for exercise in most of the activities that we are engaged in during the day. Though it is best to carve out time in the morning for exercise, but if this is extremely difficult, we can make do with exercising whenever we have opportunity to do so.

So instead of using the car to see a neighbor not far away, that could be a good opportunity to walk. Whenever there is opportunity to do any physical activity, do not just be a “gentleman” and evade it.

Always be on the lookout for opportunity to exercise. Be conscious of it. When you are on the lookout for something, you will always find it.


  1. Exploit The opportunities as soon as you see them.

Procrastination is never the best in seizing opportunities. Therefore as soon as you see opportunities, don’t delay in applying them.

For example, whenever the occasion warrants that you can stand, do not sit for long. If the occasion or situation warrants that you can move about, do not stand on a place. If the opportunity arises that you are to have handshake with a number of people, see it as an opportunity to exercise your hands and arm by shaking the hands warmly and vigorously.

  1. Get reorganized.

Many great achievers still have time for getting enough exercise. Therefore for anyone not getting enough exercise, the person should get reorganized. Getting reorganized will help the individual set his or her priorities right. It is not wisdom to “save” 30 minutes per day and later in life spend weeks or months in the hospital bed.

Always bear in mind that it is necessary to take care of your body as you have no other place to live in. Also, always bear in mind that it is not wisdom to wake up to a responsibility after that damages have been caused.

Getting Enough Exercise: care for your body
  1. Do Not Delegate any Activity That Provides Opportunity For Exercise.

When you are on the lookout for opportunity to exercise and also willing to exploit the opportunities, you will never delegate any opportunity to exercise.

For example, you will not ask someone to go get you a cup of water after you have been sitting for a while. That should be seen as an opportunity for activity.

  1. Appreciate the Fact That Your health is Your Most Important Wealth.

So many people acclaim the truth that health is wealth, but that unfortunately is only theory. Many people will not hesitate to invest in a project that they believe in. But not many people will invest when it come to their health. This shows that they do not truly believe in their health being their most valuable wealth.

Anyone who believes in health being his wealth will invest in it in terms of time, money, knowledge and other resources. Under such circumstances, enough time will be made available for getting enough exercise.

Is your health your number one wealth? If you think it is, when was it you invested last in it? In the light of the nutrient-depleted food that we are challenged with now, can you invest in fitness equipment that helps make getting enough exercise easier, or on essential food supplement that will help you live stronger and healthier?

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