Trace Mineral Supplements: Secret of Staying Healthy


Trace Mineral Supplements: Secret of Staying Healthy

The human system has certain amounts of specific nutrients it needs to carry out various biological processes. To facilitate healthy life, growth and development of cells and tissues, trace mineral supplements must be available to the required levels. Trace minerals  are particularly important because the body cannot manufacture any of them. On the other hand, the body is able to manufacture a few of the Vitamins.

These nutrients can be categorized into two, namely – and macro-nutrients. The macro-nutrieents are the nutrients that the body needs in larger quantities such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Other subcategories of these nutrients are the vitamins and minerals. Minerals also can be categorized into the macro-minerals and the trace elements.
The macro-minerals are those that the body needs in larger amounts. These can be about 100 mg or more. These will include minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, chloride, magnesium and potassium.

On the other hand, those needed in smaller amounts of about 20 mg or less are regarded as trace minerals. These trace mineral supplements will include minerals such as iron, manganese, selenium, fluoride, zinc, cobalt, copper, iodine etc.

In this article we will focus on the trace minerals and why these are important to us all.

Importance of Trace Mineral Supplements for Health

Trace minerals and trace mineral supplements are necessary for good cellular health and metabolism.

The body tissue as well as the internal fluids contain varying quantities of minerals or trace minerals. The eyes, bones, teeth, soft tissue, muscle, blood, nerve cells, etc contain varying degrees of minerals. They are essential to overall mental and physical well-being of the individual. Their roles as catalysts for many of the biological reactions within the body cannot be overemphasized. These include activities such as muscle response and the transmission of messages through the nervous system.  They play the vital role in the utilization of nutrients in food.

They are also vital for a healthy immune system. Without these trace minerals, the production of energy will be minimal. In addition, some of these trace elements are also important so that the other nutrients, especially the larger molecules, are well absorbed and used by the body.

Listed below are more of the health benefits of some specific trace mineral supplement


Selenium is very important for immune system health. It is necessary in antioxidant reactions. This mineral works with vitamin E to damage cellular membranes against free radicals. Selenium is also involved in thyroid function.

Full grain, meat, fish and poultry are among the best sources of selenium. They can also be sourced from ..



Iron is the mineral found between red blood cells. These are responsible for the transport of oxygen through the body. After oxygen concentration, iron also facilitates the use of oxygen at cellular level because iron has the ability to change ionic charges. Haem iron from animal food such as meat, fish and poultry is easily absorbed than non-haem iron found in vegetable foods.

To maximize the absorption of iron, a glass of orange juice or an acid stomach environment can be of help. On the other hand, milk and calcium products can interfere with absorption of iron.


Zinc is involved in normal cellular growth, taste and odor senses, immune function and carbohydrate metabolism. It plays a vital role on reproduction. The deficiency of this trace mineral can lead to a number of abnormalities. These include growth retardation, skin disorders and immunological abnormalities. Other abnormalities may also include a loss of smell and taste, the lagging of sexual development.

Zinc can be found in animal products, whole grains, legumes, seafood, nuts, cereals and eggs. There are also a number of varieties of .



This is important in the endocrine system. It belongs to the thyroxine produced by the thyroid gland. Thyroxine is necessary in the control of growth and development, basal metabolism and body temperature.

Iodine deficiency can pose a serious challenge.  In case of severe iodine deficiency, the following symptoms may manifest: cretinism, mental retardation, fertility reduction and even increase in child mortality.

Seafood is the best source of iodine. In addition, water, dairy products and eggs can also contain small amounts of iodine. In addition, fish and seaweed are also reliable sources of iodine. There are also a variety of
. out there on amazon


This is important to resist cavity and decay. The skeleton is also dependent on this mineral for bone mineralization. The main source of this mineral is fluorine water, tea and toothpaste.


Molybdenum enables the function of numerous enzymes. It enable some enzymes involved in the iron exchange to function effectively. It enables the enzymes regulate fat metabolism.
Molybdenum is found in foods such as legumes, bread, cereals and organ meat.


This mineral plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism. It is a component of glucose tolerance required in response to insulin. It is found in all the body organs in small quantities. This mineral is found in meat, poultry and eggs, seafood, fish, vegetables, fruits, whole wheat products.


When these trace mineral supplements are lacking, the individual cannot truly be healthy. Some of these trace mineral supplements cannot be manufactured by our bodies. So you definitely will need these trace minerals in the form of supplement for optimal health. There are a large variety of . one can choose from.  Supplements such as . will be excellent for your optimal health.
You can find trace elements at your local or internet vitamin store.

Always choose the brand name to ensure the quality and purity of the minerals and trace mineral supplement for better health and well-being.

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