Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms: Signs Not To Overlook


Vitamin deficiency symptoms normally will manifest when the body persistently lack one or more vitamins .Our bodies have a minimal amount of vitamins and minerals it needs regularly to stay healthy. When there is a prolonged shortage of any such vitamins, it will not be able to stay optimally healthy and function effectively over a long period. This lack then manifests in the form of one symptom or the other.

A balanced diet theoretically supplies enough vitamins. However, severe conditions can still develop if the diet does not meet the needs of the body. Symptoms of a shortage of vitamins and minerals usually appear when the deficiency is already in a relatively advanced level. Like mineral deficiency, their effect can be serious if allowed to prolong.

For example, people who do not have enough vitamin A, B1 and B2 suffer from recurrent fatigue, mental or emotional disorders, loss of appetite and leaked lips among others. Fortunately, vitamins, whether . or . are readily  affordable.

Common causes of vitamin deficiency symptoms

The most common causes of these vitamin deficiencies will include:

Poor quality foods and bad eating habits


Emotional stress

Improper absorption of vitamins and minerals (mostly due to liver or intestinal disorders),

Intake of drugs that interfere with the intake of vitamins

And lack of exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin deficiency symptoms

But how do you know if you have a vitamin deficiency? Below are the most important vitamin deficiency symptoms likely to manifest for different deficiencies.

Dull skin

Dull looking skin and hair will likely result when there is a persistent lack of vitamin A.

Blurred vision

If there is persistent lack of vitamin A, it will result to blurred vision with time. A chronic deficiency can also cause partial blindness, or even complete blindness in the long run. To avoid such see the best foods for healthy eyes.

Recurrent fatigue

Recurrent fatigue and general body weakness is a warning sign of lack of vitamins B1, B2 and B3. These are essential vitamins for energy supply and nervous system. Therefore, a persistent shortage will make the person feel frequently exhausted and weak.


Quite a number of factors are responsible for depression. Persistent lack of the energy source vitamins will result to weakness. In the long run, it can lead to depression and anxiety. Also, deficiency in vitamin B6 may also result in depression.

Numbness in the legs

Suffering from numbness in the legs may result as a result of deficiency in the vitamins B1, B2, and B3. This is usually due to the decrease in the functioning of the nerves. Deficiency in vitamin B5 will also result in such similar numbness in addition to burning sensation on the feet.

Loss of appetite and weight

Deficit in the vitamins B1, B2, and B3 is associated with less appetite and unhealthy weight loss.  Reduced appetite may also result from deficiency of vitamin B8.

Dry and flaky skin

Dry and flaky skin is often associated with deficiency in vitamin B2 which is responsible for good hemoglobin level. Skin inflammation may also result from the deficiency of this vitamin.

Red eyes

Vitamin deficiency symptomps: red eyes
Red eyes: one of vitamin deficiency symptoms

Among a few other causes, red eyes and pain around the mouth and tongue can be the symptom of deficiency in vitamin B2.

Skin’s health deterioration

Skin’s health may deteriorate following deficiency in vitamin B3. Rash, inflammation or even swelling may follow.

Bad breath

A bad breath may not always be the result of only poor oral hygiene. Sometimes it is the result of deficiency in vitamin B3.


Insomnia may sometimes be the symptom of deficiency in vitamins B5 and B6. It should be noted that a number of other factors could be responsible for difficulty in sleeping.

Poor mental focus

Poor mental focus can sometimes be the effect of deficiency in vitamin B6.


Anemia is one of the symptoms of deficiency in vitamin B11 otherwise known as folic acid. This condition will also result in frequent fatigue. Vitamin B12 deficiency may also result in anemia. Anemia will also result in frequent fatigue and headache.

Poor growth and development

Poor growth and development can be a very serious symptom of deficiency in vitamin B11 or folic acid. Pregnant women often have a deficiency of this vitamin. A deficit of vitamin B11 is dangerous for unborn babies and infants.


The B vitamins are known to help fight certain types of cancer and heart disease. Although there is no consensus link between cancer and a daily intake of B vitamins, studies suggesting that the B vitamins helped prevent cancer power from increasing are readily available. Among other causes, cancer is believed by some to be one of the vitamin deficiency symptoms of the B vitamins, including the “Vitamin B17”.

Poor nervous system

Poor nervous system is a symptom often associated with Vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is majorly found in animal products. This implies that pure vegetarians will be having a deficiency of this vitamin. Nervousness may also result from the deficiency of Vitamin E and B3.

However, the vegetarians can make it up with good quality vitamin B complex or supplement.

Poor healing of wounds

Poor healing of wounds and bone fractures can be a symptom of deficiency of vitamin C. It should be noted that poor health condition such as diabetes can also result in this symptom. This may also leads to blood bleeding.

Swelling of joints

Swelling of joints may result as a deficiency of vitamin C. Other factors may also be responsible for this. Coconut and coconut water with their strong anti inflammatory property can be of great help here.

Weakness of bones 

Vitamin deficiency symptoms: weakness of bone
Weakness of bone


Weakness of bones is a symptom associated with deficiency of vitamin D. Its manifestation takes a long while to manifest. This is partly the reason it is more common among the elderly. Severe deficiency can also be made manifest among children in the form of rickets.

Weakness of bones  may also be one of the vitamin deficiency symptoms of vitamin K.


Kidney stones

Kidney stone most often is one of the vitamin deficiency symptoms of vitamin D. Like weakness of bones it will also take a long while to manifest.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is also one of the symptoms of deficiency in vitamin D. Like in the case of weakness of bones it will take a long while to be fully manifested.

Loss of balance

Loss of balance is a symptom that is associated with deficiency of vitamin E. This is not very common but it is there among a number of people.

Fertility problems

Fertility problems, among many other possible causes, can be a manifestation of vitamin deficiency symptoms of Vitamin E.

Poor blood clotting

Poor blood clotting is usually associated with shortage of vitamin K. This may result when taking long-term antibiotics.


Having in mind that some vitamin deficiency symptoms can be serious, an important question that rises is: do you still need to take vitamins even if you have a healthy diet? The answer is yes. Proper food consumption must be accompanied by the correct vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins serve as buffers in case your diet does not fully meet your daily needs. You may not easily calculate how much vitamins and minerals your body consumes in each meal you eat. And while most people take vitamins to prevent common deficiency-related diseases, not all products cater to what your body needs. There are people who still do not need what you need.

Yes, the old belief that a good diet is enough to keep you going has become a myth. It’s time to invest in your health. Whether we admit it or not, we need vitamins. Some vitamins are specifically designed . or .. Of course, it leads to additional costs; but if we really think about it, vitamins are probably the cheapest type of insurance available against diseases. Taking some measures to avoid these vitamin deficiency symptoms is a wise decision. A large varieties quality vitamins are available at the .

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